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I am keen on joining the shore management of the maritime industry and at present pursuing MSc from City university london,in maritime operation and management.



AESM/M.V. SAGAR/Container/13235/15520/C.Off/01-Jan-05/12-May-05

AESM/M.V.TMM SINALOA/Container/40439/19642KW/C.Off/04-Jan-04/09-Jul-04

AESM/M.V.CAST PROGRESS/Container/41023/33060/2nd Off/09-Oct-02/25-May-03

AESM/M.V.ASIAN PEGASUS/Container/16731/14400/2nd Off/12-Dec-01/05-May-02

AESM/M.V. GHANA STAR/Container/18145/10040KW/2nd Off/01-Mar-01/26-Aug-01

DENHOLM/M.T. AMBER LADY/Product Tanker/26959/14000/3rd Off/17-Jul-99/21-Jan-00

DENHOLM/M.V.ALLIGATOR WISDOM/Container/41114/46960/3rd Off/01-Sep-98/07-Apr-99

DENHOLM/M.T. PRIDE/Product Tanker/22572/10496/3rd Off/22-Sep-97/04-Mar-98


Sep’05 MSc -Maritime operations and management, School of Engineering and Mathematics, City University, London- Ongoing

Dec‘03: Passed Certification of competency (Master Foreign Going) conducted by Govt. of India. Declared Master Mariner (F.G.) (Ship operations and management) from Directorate general of shipping in 2003.

Jan‘01: Passed certification of competency (Chief Mate Foreign Going) conducted by, Govt. of India.

Dec‘97: Passed certification of competency (Second Mate Foreign Going) conducted by Govt. of India.

Mar'93 - Jun 93: Pre-sea training from Trainee Ship RAHAMAN, Mumbai

Jun’92: 74% Class XII C.B.S.E. Board (equivalent to A level), Delhi

Jun’90: 74% Class X C.B.S.E. Board (equivalent to GCSE level), Delhi


Master mariner (unlimited)


My Key skill areas include: Operations and logistics management, administration, satellite communications, contingency planning, organizing emergency drills and emergency response, healthcare and first aid, safety and security arrangements (including inspection and maintenance of equipments) & assessments, inventory management, human resource training and development.

Apart from this I am responsible for checking the onboard records and submitting monthly performance reports and account summary to the shore management and to other commercial interests .I have a sound knowledge of maritime law to protect the interests of my owners against any liability.


Commendation and Awards

· Commended by various clients - On successful completion of inspections and surveys.

· Commended by terminal managers, owners, representatives for overall performance.

· Commended by USCG for overall security awareness, guidelines and arrangements onboard during inspections


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