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liaise between the captain and the crew of the ship

keep watch from the bridge in watches (shifts) while at sea

determine the position of the ship and other vessels and obstructions by using navigational aids

supervise the work done by the crew

provide medical and/or first aid treatment for the crew

make sure safety regulations are observed

observe and record in the daily logbook the ship's course and any alterations, the weather conditions and the ship's position

coordinate cargo loading and discharge operations and maintenance

update charts and other nautical publications

make sure that all necessary documentation has been done.


- 9 months as a 2nd officer on the M/F ANKARA, 10.200 GT, ro-ro passenger ship owned by Deniz Cruise Ferry Lines,

- 5 months as a 2nd officer on the M/V SAFFET BEY, 14058 dwt ro-ro cargo vessel owned by Ulusoy Sealines,

- 6 months as a 3rd. officer on the M/V TASKENT, 75000 dwt bulk carrier vessel owned by Deniz Nakliyati T.A.S.

- 17 months as a 2nd officer, on the M/V BOLU, 18000 dwt bulk carrier vessel owned by Deniz Nakliyati T.A.S.


3 years education at KOCAELI UNIVERSITY KARAMURSEL MARITIME SCHOOL/TURKEY and 1 year as a cadet on different kind of ships.


Licence: Unlimited Chief Officer in all waters

GMDSS General Radio Operator (GOC)

- Radar Observation and Plotting Training

- The Operational use of ARPA Aids Training

- Personal Survival Techniques Training

- Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Certificate

- Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Trainig

- Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Training

- Advanced Fire Fighting Training

- Elemantary First Aid Training

- Medical First Aid Training

- Medical Care Training

- Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats Training

- VHF Radio Comunications

- Training and Qualifications of personnel on Ro-Ro Passenger Ships Certificate

- Training and Qualifications of personnel on passenger ships(other than ro-ro passanger ships)

- Ship Securiy Certificate

- Training on internal auditor for ISO 9001-2000 Quality Managament System given by SGS Turkey


- Very good user in many kind of software (MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS POWERPOINT...) and hardware.

- Safety Leadership

Attention to Detail



Attracting and Developing Talent

Individual Leadership

Problem Solution

Planning and Organizing (Work Management)


Motivational Fit


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