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supply boat chief mate for short time then captain or yacht mate for short time than captain ot tug boat for short time than captain or second mate on crews ship or HSC



1. From 15/02/1996 Till 23/02/1997 Junior Officer Onboard Cargo & Roro Ship

(M/V Maryuit , M/V AlQusayr ) .

2. From 24/01/1998 Till 25/10/1999 Second Officer Onboard Roro/Passenger Ship

(M/V Taba-1 , M/V Pride of AlSalam 95 , M/VAlSalam 91.

3.From 27/10/1999 till 30/08/2001 Chief Officer Onboard TIDE WATER MARINE supply Boats (Named Ribardi Tide –Gulf Fleet 71 – Transport Tide ).

4. From 04/12/2002 Till 15/06/2003 Chief Officer Onboard MARIDIVE TUG Boat (Named Maridive5000).

5.From01/07/2003 Till 15/04/2007 Chief Officer /Captain Onboard ESNADE COMPANY Supply Vessels M/V NMS -202 , 205 , 210 , 502 IN UAE.(Adnoc group).

6.From 15/10/2008 Till 27/02/2009 Chief Officer On board HSC .


1. Academic Master Certificate from Alexandria , Jun.2002

As per Annex1Part (1 - 2) of STCW95 Code.

2. BSC in Maritime Transport with merit very good, July 1993

3. Port State Control Course Seafarers, July 1993


Prevention and combating of marine pollution .

• Advance course in fire prevention and fire fighting .

• Personal safety and social responsibilities

• Operation of electronics navigation aids

• Ship handling and maneuvering

• Advanced communication

• Proficiency survival crafts and rescue boats

• Marine radar and auto

• matic radar plotting aids (arba)

• Radar simulator

• Medical care studies

• Global maritime distress and safety system course

• General Operator Certificate GOC

• Personal survival and search and rescue

• Crisis Management and Human Behaviour Training (R0-R0 Passenger Ships(A-V/2Para.5 )

• Familiarization Training (R0-R0 Passenger Ships(A-V/2Para.2 )

• Passenger Safety ,Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity Training (R0-R0 Passenger Ships(A-V/2Para.4 )

• Crowd Management Training (R0-R0 Passenger Ships(A-V/2Para.1)

** All professional studies attended at Arab Academy For Science and Technology And Maritime Transport From Alexandria in Egypt.

• Carriage of Hazardous cargo course

• H2S/ breathing apparatus course

• Advanced offshore safety

• Safe lifting operation

** previous course attended at Gulf Technical and Safety Training center .

• ADMA – OPCO offshore safety Briefing

• ZAKUM Development company HSE Induction Orientation


excellent in supply boat handling even in very rough weather


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