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Chief Mate on ships of 3000GT and more


Last time I worked on ERRV UK vsls on North Sea, but I would like to and I'm keen and my intention is to work on DP Class Vessels as OOW, or as C/M on cargo vsls.


So far I have worked on different kinds of vessels, for example: bulks, containers, MPP/GC, Ro/Ro Car Carriers, Heavy Lift- oil/chem. tank, Seismic Survey and over 14 years altogether. It was a time when in practice and to ship owner satisfaction I could check my knowledge concerned with safe navigation, fluent radio communication, and efficient coordination in un/loading processes and to maintain standards of ISM Code.

I worked four times on specialists vessels : two times on different kinds of Heavy Lift, once on Seismic Survey vessel and on ERRV vsls last time.

During heavy lift operation the structure (Jack-Up Oil Rig) were loaded onboard. In 6 months of my contract we carried operations in two trips, two oil rigs were deployed. The vessel also worked as an oil/chemical tanker.

Second time I worked on Heavy Lift/Crane Vsl which was fitted with a big crane on the bow, capable of picking up solid structures of approximate weight of 2000 M/T, and this vsl had also a function of Floatel/Accomodation vsl and a base for technical personnel from 14 nations and manned about 200 persons in total.


High Maritime Academy in Szczecin- Master Degree of Maritime

Transportation at Sept.1985


-Chief Mate on ships of 3000GT and more

-UK CEC for above


-DP Induction Basic Course




-BASIC Safety&Social Responsibility

-Medical Care

-Advance Fire Fighting

-Personal Survival Techn.

-Profic.Surv.Craft&rescue Boats




-Bridge Team Management


-Gas Tank Familiarisation



The person who I have spoken with about Your Firm have said that collaboration with You is a great pleasure. I would like to join Your Staff the most experienced and commitmented workers and I would have been learn from the best.

My experience, obtained skills and practical knowledge gives me certitude that I’ll be up to expectation and make a stand for the person on this position.


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