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Chief Mate

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE: A career position as a Merchant Marine Officer


  • United States Licensed Master      Unlimited Any Gross Tons Oceans.     

  • United Kingdom Licensed Chief Mate First Officer      any gross tons ocean

  • Licensed Master of Towing      for Oceans, Offshore, Inland and Great Lakes

  • Nautical Institute Limited DP Certificate

  • United Kingdom Licensed Royal Yacht Association Ocean Yacht Master

  • USCG Licensed Designated Towing Officer Assessment Record (TOAR) Examiner

  • Tankerman PIC(Person in Charge) DL(Dangerous Liquid)      and LNG(Liquid Natural Gas)

  • 40 hr Medical PIC

  • Former US Navy Master Chief Petty Officer/Royal      Navy Warrant Officer Radarman with a track record of proven leadership,      discipline, training, teamwork and working with diverse groups.

  • Successfully Coast Guard tested for:

  Bridge Resource Management

  Abel Body Seaman


  Personal Survival Techniques

  Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

  Fire Prevention & Firefighting

  Basic Fire Fighting

  Elementary First Aid

  Tanker Assistant Cargo DL

  Tanker Assistant LNG

  Government Vessels

  Advanced Firefighting

  ARPA (Advanced Radar Plotting Aid)

  11.75 Hour Visual Communications

  40 Hour Radar Observer unlimited

  40 Hour Tank Ship DL PIC

 05 Mar 2004 GMDSS

  60 Hour Tank Ship LNG PIC

  Military Sealift Command (MSC)Automatic and Small Arms


  32 Hour Fast Rescue Boats

  32 Hour Proficiency in survival craft

  MSC Shipboard Helo Firefighting

  MSC NAVOSH Occupational Safety Health

  MSC Afloat Environmental Protection Coordinator

  Damage Control

  Vessel Security Officer

  Chemical Biological Radiological Defense (CBRD)

  Shipboard Crane Operator

  MSC Small Arms Re-Qualification

  40 Hour LNG Tanker Membrane Cargo Ops simulator

  MSC Heat Stress Afloat

  MSC Hearing Conservation Afloat

  Elementary First Aid-Including AED Training

  24 Hour Medical Care Provider

  40 Hour Medical Person in Charge

  SIGTO LNG Competency Standards Course

  Radar Observer Recertification

  MSC Small Arms Re-Qualification

  Marine Engines

 15 May 2009 Advanced Meteorology

  40-Hour Advance Navigation Course

  35-Hour Shipboard Management

  40-Hour ECDIS Course

  72-Hour Cargo Operations

  Level I Anti-Terrorism Awareness Training

  Network Security and Awareness Training

  Combating Trafficking in Persons Awareness Training

  Small Arms Training and Qualification on 9 mm Pistol, M14 Rifle              & 12 gage Shotgun

  40 hr Basic and Advanced Shipboard Firefighting Qualification

  Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training for Marine Supervisor

  Drug Test Collector Training Course

  Alcohol Sensor III and IV Operators Course

  Alcohol Screening Test Technician (STT) and Screening Device

             (ASD)Proficiency Course.

 04 Mar 2010 Shipboard Security Tactics & baton Certification

  Celestial Navigation Management Level

  Shiphandling at the Management Level

  Annual Small Arms Re-certification

  Upgrade STCW Stability

  Flashing Light re-certification

  Bridge Resource Management 24 Hours

  Watchkeeping Management Level

  ARPA Assessments

  Dynamic Positioning Induction

  CBRD Officer

  Dynamic Positioning Advanced

  Anti-Terrorism Officer

  Annual Small Arms Recertification

  Damage control

 11 Jul 2012 Annual Small Arms Recertification

 04 Dec 2012 MSC Security Watch Stander Advanced

 18 Jan 2013 BST Recertification

 24 Jan 2013 Medical Care PIC Refresher

 01 Feb 2013 ASD Tug Operations Simulator

 22 Feb 2013 MSC SAMM

 24 Apr 2013 Annual Small Arms Recertification

 10 May 2013 Radar Observer Recertification

 06 Dec 2013 Advanced Ship Handling for Masters

 11 Dec 2013 Annual Small Arms Recertification

 04 Jun 2014 Advanced Security Watch Stander

 06 Jul 2014 Helo Firefighting

 24 Jul 2014 Anti-Terrorism Officer

 07 Aug 2014 Fast Reaction Force

 13 Aug 2014 Annual Small Arms Recertification

 06 Apr 2015 Basic Safet7 Training refresher 

 07 Apr 2015 Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher

 17 Apr 2015 STCW Leadership/Management Course

 29 Apr 2015 Small Arms Recertification

 30 Apr 2015 Advanced Watch Stander

 14 Jun 2015 MSC CBRD Officer

 19 Feb 2016 Small Arms Recertification

 20 Feb 2016 Advanced Watch Stander

 28 Oct 2016 MSC EKMS Communications

 11 Nov 2016 TOAR's Tug Simulator Course

 17 Nov 2016 Small Arms Recertification

 18 Nov 2016 Advanced Watch Stander


  • Hold a current US Government Top Secret Clearance
  • Awarded three Meritorious Service, three Navy Commendation and the Navy Achievement Medals for outstanding service


  • Qualified Underway Aircraft Carrier Officer of the Deck/Officer of the Watch
  • Thirteen years as a Naval Instructor
  • Qualified Master Training Specialist


M/V BOWDITCH (Dynamic Position Survey Ship) Feb 2014- Jul  2017 Chief Mate conducting extensive survey Operations in the Philippine Islands.

M/V SUMNER (Dynamic Position Survey Ship) May–Oct 2013 Chief Mate Bearing Sea Survey Ops

M/V IMPECCABLE (Ocean Surveillance Ship) Aug-Dec 2012 Chief Mate Running Operations between the Philippines and Vietnam

M/V GRACE (Bulk Carrier)

Dec 2011 to Mar 2012 Second Mate. Delivering Grain from Houston Texas to Djibouti

M/V BRUCE C. HEEZEN (Dynamic Position Survey Vessel)

Oct 2009 to Mar 2011 Second Mate. Conducted extensive inshore survey work in the Philippine Islands, Okinawa, Saipan, Guam and areas. Gained operational experience in DP operations)

M/V MARY ANN HUDSON (Bulk Carrier) Jan-Apr 2009 Second Mate Delivered grain from Portland Oregon to Chitagong/Biera/Durban

M/V HAYES (Oceanographic Ship)

June to Oct 2008 Second Mate and Medical PIC aboard US Navy Research Vessel USNS HAYES. Engaged in Ocean Research in the area operating from Port Canaveral . Savannah Marine Towing Services

M/V Baffin Strait (Container Ship) Jan 2007-Mar 20007 and May 2007- July 2007 Third Mate/Second Mate Delivering cargo from Singapore to Diego Garcia

Aug 06 to present Master & Mate aboard Tugs JOHN PARISH, WILLIAM BRECKONRIDGE, SARA KAITLIN and CATHERINE JEWEL as needed on short term jobs to deliver barges to various east coast ports both inland and offshore as needed by the company. Performed all duties without injury to crew or damage to equipment.

Nov 2005 to Oct 2006  Master of ISAC CASTELMAN and Third Mate designated Tankerman PIC (Person in charge) aboard Dredge ENTERPRISE. As PIC responsible for all fueling and water operations. Completed fifteen round trip fueling loading and discharge operations without incident. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of ISSAC CASTELMAN. As Master responsible for maneuvering and placing all of the company’s four 120 foot barges and eighty foot fuel barge in very restricted waters as needed for dredging operations. Positions where needed, swing anchors and make pontoon line connections. Completed many equipment and pipe towing assignments successfully to and from St. Augustine and Savannah. Performed all duties without injury or damage to any equipment or private property while engaged in dredging or towing operations in the coastal waters and ICW (Inland Coastal Waterway.

3PSC Ship Management Company

Sep 2005 to Jun 2008 Served as Third Mate aboard RO/RO USNS GORDON (LMSR). RO/RO USNS GILLILAND (LMSR), Research Vessel USNS HAYES AGOR-195 As needed by the company to fill short notice short term jobs at various times aboard above vessels. Served as Safety, damage Control and CBRD officer.


June 2005 – Mate, One Trip job, successfully sailed from Jacksonville Florida to Norfolk Virginia to pick up two barges and tow them back to Jacksonville Florida.


Oct 2004 to Jan 2005 – Third Mate, Mate in charge of ships safety equipment, completed six onload and offloads of Liquid Natural Gas operating between and Bontang . Qualified as LNG PIC


Oct 2004 to Jan 2005 – Third Mate, Mate in charge of ships safety equipment, completed seven onload and seven offloads of Liquid Natural Gas cargo between Bontang and .

USS JOHN F KENNEDY CV-67 (Aircraft Carrier)

May 2001 to Oct 2003 - Operations Department LEADING CHIEF PETTY OFFICER.  Supervising nine work centers and 240 enlisted personnel. Managed the department flawlessly during combat operations off and during a major pier side overhaul. Served as Officer of the Deck underway during Operation Enduring Freedom. Nominated by the Commanding Officer as a candidate for Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. Awarded Second Meritorious Service Medal

HMS DRYAD (School of Maritime Operations)

Aug 1998 to May 2001 - US Navy adviser to British Royal Navy Commodore HMS DRYAD. Computer Data Link, Combat Systems and Sailing Instruc­tor. Wrote and incorporated lessons of instruction for NATO’s latest version of data links. Appointed to command the Royal Navy’s sail training vessel HMSTC DASHER during Tall Ships 99 and HMSTC ICE MAIDEN during the British Army’s Operation Southern Tartan Classic to the . Command Brickwoods team member two years in a row. Participated in numerous command operations and functions. Awarded Meritorious Service Medal for outstanding service by Commodore HMS Dryad.


Feb 1995 to Aug 1998 - ENLIST­ED ASSIGNMENT DETAILER in The TOP OPERATIONS SPECIALIST (OS) position in the NAVY.  Daily job centered on the worldwide assignment of 10,000 enlisted personnel to new duty sta­tions and career counseling. Administered a budget of $5 million. Responsible for reducing unfilled vacancies of over 400 billets in the OS rating at any given time to less than 50. Awarded Third Navy Commendation Medal.


Mar 1993 to Feb 1995 – Operations Department and LEADING CHIEF PETTY OFFICER. Supervising three work centers with 200 personnel in various adminis­trative, training and shipboard operations. Met all of the Operations Department maintenance and training requirements during the ships 1993 nuclear refueling and overhaul. Awarded Second Navy Commendation Medal.

FLEET TRAINING GROUP (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)

Jun 1990 to Mar 1992 – HEAD INSTRUCTOR AND LEADING CHIEF PETTY OFFICER. In charge of work up training and testing of US Navy and foreign navy ship crews in an underway environment that included diverse shipboard evolutions including low visibility radar piloting, navigation, safety, abandon ship procedures, firefighting and administrative pro­grams. Naval Reserve Training and Employment Coordinator, responsible for the active duty employment of five Reserve units assigned to FTG. Awarded First Navy Commendation Medal

US NAVAL , ( )

Jun 1987 to Jun 1990 - LEADING CHIEF PETTY OFFICER. Supervised 16 personnel in Nuclear Command and Control operations in the European Theater of operations. Scored 100% on all security procedure and training evaluations.


Feb 1984 to Jun 1987 - UNDERWAY WORK UP and CLASSROOM INSTRUCTOR. Trained the operations and Deck personnel of over 300 US and Foreign ships in various shipboard operations.

USS BOONE FFG-28 (Guided Missile Frigate)

Sep 1981 to Feb 1984 - LEADING PETTY OFFICER. Plank Owner; successfully supervised 29 personnel. Awarded the Navy Achievement Medal.

NAVAL (Corry Station, )

Aug 1978 to Sep 1981 – Electronic Warfare classroom and laboratory Instructor and a six month tour as armed military Shore Patrol police working with Pensacola City Police Department.  Appointed by Commanding Officer to be primary Instructor for all Foreign Navy Students due to my intimate knowledge of the world’s navies and world history. Achieved a graduation rate in excess of 95%.

USS ROBERT A. OWENS DD-827 (Destroyer)

Jun 1977 to Aug 1978 Watch & Supervisor, Classified Publications Custodian and Intelligence Collection Petty Officer. Cited by Fleet Intelligence Center Norfolk for my Intelligence reports on Soviet Ships operating in the .

USS LEXINGTON CVT-16 (Aircraft Carrier)

Aug 1976 to Jun 1977 supervisor, Chart Petty Officer and Safety Petty Officer.

USS CAPODANNO DE/FF-1093 (Frigate)

Jan 1975 to Aug 1976 Watch and Supervisor, Classified Publications and Safety Petty Officer.


Nov 1973 to Jan 1975 Divisional Damage Control Petty Officer and watch stander.

Jun 1971 to Jun 1973 US Naval Sea Cadet. Trained aboard the Destroyer Tender USS YOSIMITE AD-19, Destroyer USS WALDRON DD-699, Naval Air Station , Naval Station Mayport and Naval , . Completing all requirements for and advanced to Seaman prior to entering US Navy active duty service. Skipping basic navy boot camp training and reporting immediately to first command.


B.S., MANAGE­MENT / GOVERN­MENT / BRITISH HISTORY – , August 1996. Dean's List of Achievement.

A.A., LIBERAL ARTS – , June 1990. Dean's List of Achievement.

Successfully completed numerous Navy and Merchant Mariner Technical, Leadership and Management schools.

Letters of recommendation and supporting documentation available on request.

  • BS
    Gov/Mgt/British History at University of Maryland
    1987 - 1996
  • DP Limited Aug 2015
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