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Chief Engr [marine--seagoing]

Vessel Operations

Sea going  product carriers/tankers

M.T.Sea sterling   15/12/14-----15/05/15         chief engr marine   product carrier      Engn is Yanmar 6N330-EN  / 3500Bhp

M.T. Great  Increase  15/08/13-----15/06/14   chief engr marine product carrier        Engn is Sulzer 8RLB56  /  10,500Bhp

M.T. Mor Prosperity 28/03/13-------03/07/13    chief  engr  marine  product carrier    Engn is B&W 5L42MC  / 6400Bhp

M.T. Sunway B        15/03/12----08/01/13       chief  engr  marine  product carrier     Engn is B&W 6L55GFC  /8000Bhp

M.T. Mor Prosperity  11/02/10----12/01/11     chief engr  marine  product carrier       Engn is B&W 5L42MC / 6400Bhp

Anchor handling, Supply, Tug Service /Field maintenance and Divers Support vessels---

DSV Miden Anie DP2 Vessel,  28/09/08--10/09/08  chief engr marine  diving support vessel                Engn is 2 X Normo Bergen KVMB16  /  5600Bhp.

H.D. Bon Accord  30/01/08------27/02/08     chief engr marine       Diver Support/Tug                           Engn is 2 X Brons 6GV  /900Bhp

HD Blue Ocean  25/10/07-----17/01/08       chief engr  marine       Tug/Towing/Field Maintenance Vsl  Engn is 2 X EMD 16V /6000Bhp

DSV Challenger  10/09/06--- 03/11/06        chief engr marine        Multi role, diver support                 Engn is 2 X Alco 16V-251 /6480Bhp

DSV Challenger  17/05/06---14/07/06         chief engr marine        Multi role, diver support                Engn is 2 X Alco 16V-251  /6480Bhp

Service at ADAMAC Marine on Service Boats Tugs/ Field Maintenance Vessels as chief engr marine 15/07/03----10/05/06---EMD / GM/ Catterpillar engines

Service at Malaysia International Shipping Corporation as chief engn marine  21/07/99----06/06/03-------B&W and Sulzer main engines / Yanmar auxiliaries

Service at Yayasan Sabah Shipping of East Malaysia and Lian Huat Shipping of Singapore as chief engr marine, 11/12/95---12/02/99B&W and Sulzers / Yanmars---

Service at Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line as chief engr marine 28/10/92---09/08/95----B&W, Daihatsu main Engines / Yanmar auxiliaries

Service at Nigeria National Shipping Lines as chief Engr 13/08/82---21/01/92.---B&W and Sulzer main engine/ B&W and Sulzer auxiliary engines

Service from Cadetship to 4th Enge at IRISH SHIPPING Dublin  03-03-74----21--04--78---B&W and MAN main engines / Ruston Hornsby auxiliary engns

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