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Chief Engineer officer


To be part of company where I can apply my knowledge and gave more challeging role and experience.Provide midshipmen with an engineering education that prepares for a responsible position in the ship construction ,repair and conversion at a shipyard similar facility,and in ship engineering operations,maintenance and repair in shipping company, also prepare for a wide variety of professional position in the maritime industry including,but not limited to marine equipment manufacturing.ship operation,maintenance,surveying and marketing.


I started my seaman career since 1998 up to present most of my ship i joint are container and reffer ship at german company marlow navigation cyprus.Instructor of engineering knowledge at MNTC marlow center 2005.

-Interviewer at marlow navigation phil inc. at cadet program dept MNTC 2007.

-Assistant training manager at MNTC Cadet program dept. 2008 until present.


Professional Education

Associated Degree (February / 1994)

Technological Institute Of The Philippines, 20th Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

Marine Engineering

A Marine Engineer is responsible for maintening and operating the machinery and electrical and electronic equipment or board ship.


Fourth engineer license

third engineer license

second engineer license

chief engineer license

IMO 6.09 instructor course

IMO 3.12 assessor course


Work at different types of machinery. nature of jobs includes operation engine room supervision and maintenance and watchkeeping implementation safety awareness of all machinery.Maintain quality and safety records as per ISM Standard.Maintaine records of preventing maintenance as per plan preventive maintenance schedule


Good communication skills always have positive approach towards job. strong by belief in self motivation and also motivating others always give importance to the efficiency of performing job.presently working in marlow nav.cyprus and common sense are the strong points.

Pasig city, Philippines,
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