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Chief Engineer


I am a Chief Engineer aged 36 years working with Western Shipping, Singapore. Looking for advanced career, seeking more dynamic and challenging environment based ashore. I would like to serve a good company with all my experience at sea and my educational background from Marine Engineering research Inst. (DMET Calcutta)


Professional record ( Sea Experience):

As per following table the last sea service starting from the latest.

S.No Company Name of Vsl Rank Type of vsl Main Engine BHP Duration

1 Western Shipping CHRISOPIGI LADY Ch.Eng. Crude /Product Tanker B&W 6S60MC-C 16680 4 M 18 D

2 Western Shipping CHRISOPIGI LADY Ch.Eng. Crude /Product Tanker B&W 6S60MC-C 16680 5 M 21 D

3 Western Shipping FOTINI LADY 2/E Crude /Product Tanker B&W 6S60MC-C 16680 4M 20 D

4 NYK Shipmngt NYK KAI Ch.Eng. Container Carrier SULZER 10RTA84C 50000 5 M

5 NYK Shipmngt PROVIDER Ch.Eng.Container Carrier SULZER 10RND90M 33500 3 M 20 D

6 Wallem Shipmngt. MSC PRETORIA Ch.Eng. Container Carrier SULZER 7RTA84 31500 8 M

7 Wallem Shipmngt. Hyundai Challenger Ch.Eng. Container Carrier SULZER 7RTA84 31500 7 M 10 D

8 Wallem Shipmngt. MAERSK TAMPA 2/E Container Carrier B&W 12L90GBE 47520 5 M

9 Wallem Shipmngt. Hyundai Challenger 2/E Container Carrier SULZER 7RTA84 31500 9 M

10 Wallem Shipmngt.ASIMONT 3/E Container Carrier MAN B&W 6S50MC 11640 7 M

11 Wallem Shipmngt.ALKMAN 3/E OBO( Crude Oil) SULZER 5RTA68 9150 5.5 M

12 Wallem Shipmngt. GULF SPIRIT 3/E Container Carrier SULZER 9RND90M 22177 7 M

13 Wallem Shipmngt. LOYALTY 4/E Crude/Product Tanker MAN B&W 4L80MCE 12800 7 M

14 G.N.M.T.C INTISAR 4/E Crude Oil Tanker B&W 8K90GF 24800 4 M

15 APJ Surrendra APJ ANAND 5/E Bulk Carrier SULZER 6RD68 8200 11 M

Have thirteen years of experience in which sea experience as Chief engineer for 3 years sailing experience on Containers and Product tankers.

• As Chief Engineer I have worked on high powered container vessel, carrying refrigerated containers.

• Have good experience on Sulzer as well as B& W engines. Operation & maintenance of shipboard machineries of extra high rating(two/four stroke engines, steam turbines, air conditioning plant, refrigeration plant, boilers, compressors, various E/R pumps and cargo pumps, and hydraulic equipments.

• Have led the E.R. staff for normal running and day to day operations including the critical onboard the ship.

• Have attended Dry dock and Renewal survey on container vessels. Attended dry docks of Tankers.

• Have successfully passed various vetting inspection, audits (including ISM) and surveys on Containers and Tanker carried out by the various classification societies and inspection carried out by the port state control(US coast guard, AMSA, Paris MOU).

• Involved in company’s budgeting system and purchasing.

• As chief engineer and second engineer trained ship staff on matters of safety in operations, marine pollution prevention and ensuring safe working practices

• Coordinated with senior managers from company for compliance with charter requirement


First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Marine engineering from

DMET Calcutta (Now MERI) in 1989 – 1993 and practical training from Garden reach and Bombay port trust.


Educational qualification : First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Marine engineering from DMET Calcutta (Now MERI) in 1989 – 1993

Professional Qualification : ( Certificate of competency) - Class I Motor (95 W-1166) MEO with Oil DCE


• Experience of working in cross matrix environment with people of different nationalities.

• Good analytical and problem solving skills.

• Excellent quantitative and statistical aptitude.

• Strong team player with effective people management skills


Other than the professional courses (STCW and other courses) required for sailing as Chief Engineer have attended the following courses.

• Practical Marine Electrical workshop.

• DNV-SEP system and internal auditor’s training course.

• Courses for the ISM system and implementation onboard.

• Vessel resource management

• OPA 90 course.

• Ships security Officer Course.

Will be able to join from Oct 07 due to family commitments

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh,
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