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I would like to be an employee of a company that is sincere about taking care of their employees. My objective is to take care of an employer that takes care of me.


Aleutian Spray Fisheries Inc. 9-06 to 11-06 Chief Engineer on F/V U.S. Liberator

Blue North Fisheries Inc. 11-04 to 8-06 Chief Engineer on F/V Blue Pacific

Cascade Fishing Inc. 9-03 to 10-04 Chief Engineer on F/V Seafisher

McCallister Towing Inc. 6-03 to 8-03 Chief Engineer on several ocean going tow vessels

Iquique Fishing Inc. 3-03 to 5-03 Chief Engineer on F/V Arica

Fisherman’s Finest Inc. 1-03 to 3-03 Chief Engineer on F/V Pathfinder

Oregon State University Month of January 03 Chief Engineer on M/V Wecona

Prowler Fisheries LLC 11-02 to 12-02 Chief Engineer on F/V Prowler

Fishermans Finest Inc 10-02 to 11-02 Chief Engineer on F/V U.S.Liberator

Cascade Fishing Inc. 10-93 to 9-02 Chief Engineer on F/V Seafisher


San Diego High School - 3.5 Grade Point Average

School of Marine Engineering - Sponsored by MEBA - AMO - AFL - CIO


Certificate of Completion for Technician Type Universal -All Refrigerants- EPA approved

Certificate of Completion for Hazwoper Training-24 Hours

Certificate of Completion for Shipboard Automated Maintenance Management

Certificate of Completion for OSHA Compliance Review

Certificate of Completion for Scanveagt Fish Sorting Machine

Certificate of Completion for STCW Basic Training

Certificate of Completion for Drill Instructor


I am a Chief Engineer currently holding a U.S.C.G. Chief Engineer's License, 7th issue Limited-Oceans of motor vessels and gas turbines of no more than 5,000 horsepower and of not more than 1,600 gross register tons (3,000 ITC tons): Also, Chief Engineer of Uninspected Fishing Industry Vessel of not more than 5,000 horsepower. My experience in shipboard machinery includes all aspects of operation and repair of E.M.D., Detroit Diesel, and Caterpillar Diesel Engines. I also have 1 year experience in the oil seismic industry, 6months experience on tugboats and 1 year experience with government contract research vessel.

With refrigeration I have operated two-stage and single-stage flooded type ammonia systems, including freon systems. I am currently holding a Certificate of Completion for Technician Type Universal refrigerant handling.

Other areas of experience include A.C. and D.C. electrical systems, hydraulic systems, and repair of fish processing equipment. I am also familiar with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding and fabrication.

I am also experienced in dry-dock operations as Chief Engineer , working closely with the Vessel Operations Managers and Port Engineers.


Here are some references:

Jim Lavigne: Home (541)-955-7244

Robert Schasteen: (907)-581-1827

Sean Campbell: (360)-752-1299

Ferndale, WA,
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