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Over twenty-six years of management experience in maritime operations, focusing on: engineering/maintenance/technical, financial and administrative fields. Proven ability to lead and implement procedures directly impacting organizational efficiency by fostering positive working environments, controlling costs, and leading team/staff to achieve objectives and goals.


Gainesville Regional Utilities 2002 – Present

Energy Supply Safety and Training Officer

Responsible for developing and managing all aspects of safety and training for two power plant facilities, including:

• Develop, manage and implement training curriculum for power plant employees

• Manage the revision of the Energy Supply Training Program

• Direct the implementation of the Power Plant Web-Based Training Program

• Responsible for the Safety and Training annual budget

• Develop and manage safety operating procedures and programs

• Conduct safety audits, inspections, and root cause analysis/investigations

• Member of GRU’s Security Coordination Committee

• Chairman of Utilities Safety Steering Committee

• Member of the 21 Laws of Leadership seminar (sponsored by the City of Gainesville)

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic 1998 – 2001

Command and Control Requirements Officer

Responsible for managing current and future Command and Control Information Systems requirements for NATO’s Strategic Command Atlantic, including:

• Managed the Joint Operations Center

• Directed operational oversight for NATO’s principle maritime information system

• Chaired three NATO committees represented by 15 nations and 20 NATO commands

• As Branch Budget Director managed the budget and infrastructure requirements for the Current Operations Department

• Operations Center Training Coordinator for a multinational staff of 350 personnel

• Facilities/Maintenance Manager - Current Operations

• Project Leader for developing the concept for NATO’s next generation information system structure and software applications

• Current Operations Branch Personnel Manager


Cited by the Secretary of the Defense for outstanding achievement in guiding future NATO Command and Control Information System initiatives.

USS Stump (DD-978) 1996 – 1998

Executive Officer

Responsible for leading and directing every aspect of operations and management for this U.S. Navy ship. Specifically:

• Personnel Director responsible for management and administration of over 320 employees

• Maintenance Director responsible for the leading the ship's maintenance management team and for directing maintenance of ship's systems and equipment, including but not limited to: engineering and generation, combat/weapons systems, aviation facilities, deck/hull machinery and equipment.

• Directed the facility's automated maintenance management system.

• Oversight of annual O&M budgets in excess of $5,000,000.

• Responsible for the management and maintenance of ship's systems and equipment.

• Developed and executed an integrated training team cited for its effectiveness and resulting increase in organization readiness and performance.

• Directed maintenance availability (outage) at a cost of approximately $12,000,000 and a minor outage costing approximately $1,500,000.

• Directed the Command Leadership Training Program.

• Directed leadership, technical and professional training programs for all employees.

• Directed an integrated training team of 25 supervisors responsible for engineering casualty response, firefighting, emergency response and safety training.

• Developed and directed the engineering training and qualification program.


Cited by the Secretary of the Navy for directing efforts that resulted in significant improvement in every aspect of operational readiness and efficiency.

Completed the Executive Officer Leadership Continuum Program.

Commander, Destroyer Squadron 4 1993-1995

Material Officer and Staff Engineer

• Chaired the Maintenance Quality Management Board for the Charleston, SC region.

• As Area Maintenance Coordinator for Charleston Naval Station managed maintenance planning for 20 U.S. Navy ships, including steam (600 psi steam and 1200 psi steam), combustion turbine, and diesel powered ships.

• Managed the automated maintenance management program for the Charleston Naval Surface Forces.

• Managed the daily high-priority maintenance repair program, including assignment of repair resources and assistance in procuring required materials.

• Directed the Engineering Readiness and Assessment Team (ERAT) that guided over 20 ships through engineering, maintenance, safety and operations training—a 100% success rate.

• Maintenance budget team member responsible for planning and scheduling major overhauls (outages) exceeding $75,000,000.

• Regional representative for long-range maintenance planning.


Cited by the Secretary of the Navy for unparalleled success in managing the training and operational readiness for all Charleston-based ships.

USS Moosbrugger (DD-980) 1991-1993

Chief Engineer

• Managed 90 personnel in the operation and maintenance of propulsion and support engineering systems.

• Maintenance manager for the engineering department. Responsibilities included all generation, electrical distribution, steam, water production and treatment, and support systems.

• Managed ship's automated maintenance management system.

• Project Officer for planning and managing two maintenance availabilities (outages).

• Responsible for engineering training and employee qualification.

• Managed shipboard firefighting, emergency casualty and hazardous material response and recovery procedures.

• Command Safety Officer responsible for the ship’s safety training, environmental compliance, incident reporting system and inspector qualification program.

• Staff Maintenance Officer for a NATO Task Force. Coordinated maintenance support and repair for 8 international ships assigned to the NATO Commander.

• Responsible for managing shipboard employee qualification programs.

• Directed department’s annual O&M budget of over $1,000,000.


Cited by the Secretary of the Navy for directing the revitalization of the ship’s engineering department.

Qualified for Command at Sea.

Graduated from the Navy’s Total Quality Leadership (TQL) Program.

Other Experience

• Assistant Professor of Naval Science, University of Florida

• Main Propulsion Officer / Damage Control Officer, USS John Rodgers (DD-983)

• Training and Readiness Officer, Commander Destroyer Squadron 8

• Electrical Officer / Communications Officer, USS Estocin (FFG-15)

• General Ledger Manager and Financial Analyst, Milton Bradley Toy Company


MA Accounting, University of Florida, 1991

BA Business Administration, University of Massachusetts, 1979 (Cum Laude)

Graduate U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1996 (4.0/4.0 GPA)

Graduate U.S. Armed Forces Staff College, 1996

• Prospective Executive Officer Course. A review and update of engineering plant principles, operation and maintenance, safety program management, training curriculum development and program management, shipboard firefighting and emergency response procedures. Completed the Shipboard Maintenance Manager Program (3M Manager) for Commanding Officers/Executive Officers.

• Commanding Officer/Executive Officer Leadership Continuum Course. Completed the senior-level course in leadership development and training.

• Prospective Engineer Department Head School. A comprehensive study of steam/gas turbine/diesel engineering principles and plant maintenance and repair management, including the development and maintenance of an effective engineering and safety training program. The course also covered fluid and thermodynamics, electrical engineering and materials engineering, and all applicable auxiliary engineering support systems and equipment. Recognized as a Distinguished Graduate (4 of 71) and received the “Top Snipe Award” for the highest grade point average in engineering core and specialty.

• Graduated from the Navy’s Total Quality Leadership (TQL) Program.

• Safety and Hazardous Material Officer School. A course of study in the development and management of an industrial facility safety training and environmental management and monitoring program, including: hearing conservation, heat stress, electrical safety, hazardous materials and hazardous waste management, personal protective equipment and several other major safety programs.

• Gas Turbine Engineering Officer School. A detailed course of study in the theory, fundamentals, system operation and emergency procedures for the combustion turbine engineering plant, waste heat boiler and auxiliary steam system, shipboard maintenance management, and all ancillary engineering systems and equipment. In addition, the course included detailed power plant safety procedures training, effective training program management, Boiler Water and Feed Water School, Lube Oil and Fuel Oil Quality Management School, a 2-week emergency simulation lab and a 1-week operational evaluation in an industrial operating facility. Recognized as a Distinguished Graduate in the top 10 percent of the class.

• Surface Warfare Division Officer School. An extended study of 1200 psi steam (boiler fired), combustion turbine, and diesel engineering principles and maintenance procedures/management. The course also the Navy’s automated shipboard maintenance management program, engineering auxiliary and support systems (water distillation, refrigeration and air conditioning, seawater and firewater systems, sewage collection and treatment, and emergency procedures. Completed the Leadership, Management and Education Training (LMET) Program. Graduated with “With Distinction” in the top 5% of the graduating class. Completed Communications Officer Afloat Course, graduating 1st in the class.




Earleton, FL,
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