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Chief Engineer - Superintendent Engineer

Project Engineering / Project Management
A driven, accomplish engineering, and projects, with over 16 years of experience in the Navy, maritime industry, mechanical systems - maritime, R&D, project management, training and academia. 
Ahmed started his career as a marine engineering officer on a variety of sea going vessels including warships and has served as marine chief engineer and also ashore as superintendent.
During this period, Ahmed gained strong engineering experience in machinery failure investigation, troubleshoot, drydocking works, development of propulsion systems, engines replacement and component integrity and failure, vessel surveys, budget, and project management.
In 2016, Ahmed obtained his Ph.D. in maritime engineering from the Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania. 
Ahmed came to AMC in Tasmania in Nov 2012 as a Ph.D candidate and part-time lecturer in maritime engineering. His personal research interests are in Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), aspects of advanced marine vehicles design (specifically catamarans), green ships technology, Thermodynamics, and design of water treatment systems using Reverse Osmosis  (RO) technology.
During Ph.D, Ahmed played a pivotal role in R&D project that was comprised of world leader designers from Incat Tas and revolution design. Ahmed also collaborated with outsourcing researchers from the University of Auckland in the use of their advanced testing facility for ship hull slamming, adapting it to test catamaran models.  This work was used to validate his Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation models to improve the design of catamaran bow shapes. Ahmed presented his findings at  international, prestigious conferences, such as HSMV-14 & FAST-15 in Italy and USA respectively.
Ahmed is a Fellow of the institution of Engineers Australia - Professional Mechanical Engineer.
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