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Chief Engineer / big commissioning experience / DP AHTS, Seismic, Accommodation


Seeking an ship’s Chief Engineer (or Barge Engineer) position in the Offshore or Oil & Gas industry where my experience, skills and good work habits will be an asset to the company


EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (from last employment)

Jun 2011 – Jan 2012 – CHIEF ENGINEER

DP-2 AHTS “Armada Tuah 104” and “Armada Tuah 105”, Bumi Armada Berhad, Malaysia

Working area – Brasilian and Venezuela offshore, charters – Petrobraz and PDSV

Supply and escort operations of FPSO, drillships and shuttle tankers. Jack-up barges towing.

DP-2 Converteam, ME – Rolls Royce, CPP – Kamewa-Ulstein, Azimuth RT and tunnel thrusters – Ulstein, AE – Caterpillar.

Feb 2011 – Apr 2011 – Chief Enginer

AHTS “Seaways-10”( upgraded to DSV) Seaways Int. LLC, Dubai, UAE

Working area – Angola offshore, charter – BP.

Supply and escort operations of FPSO and shuttle tankers. Diving supply.

Joystick system – Alstom, ME & CPP - MAN&BW, AE & BT - Caterpillar.

Dec 2010 – Jan 2011 – Chief Engineer

DP-2 3D/4D Geophysical Vessels “Polarcus Samur” (8-streamer)

and “Polarcus Alima” (12-streamer), Polarcus DMCC, UAE

Working area – shipyard “Drydock World Dubai”, UAE, commissioning.

DP-2 Kongsberg, ME Wärtsilä, Main Generators & Propulsion Electric Plants ABB, Tunnel & Azimuth Trusters Brunvoll, CPP Berg, Seismic Compressors LMF, Seismic Hydraulic Installations Odim.

Greenship certificate. Ballast Treatment Plant, NOx Catalyzing Plant

Sep 2010 – Nov 2010 – Chief Engineer

DP-1 Geophysical Vessel “Fugro Galaxy”, Fugro Marine Services, the Netherlands

Working area – shipyard Fr.Fassmer, Bremen, Germany. Commissioning, database for Planning Maintenance System “Star” consisting.

DP-1 Kongsberg, ME Mitsubishi, Main Generators Hyndai, Electric Driven Main Azimuth Propulsion & Side Thrusters Schottel, Seismic Compressors Hamworthy

May 2010 – Aug 2010 – Chief Engineer

DP-2 AHTS “Swiber Else-Marie” Swiber Offshore Marine, Singapore

Working area – North Sea, Dutch and British sectors

DP-2 Converteam, ME Wärtsilä, CPP Wärtsilä-Lips, AE Caterpillar,

Bow&Stern Thrusters Wärtsilä, AH/Towing Winch & deck hydraulic Brattvaag

Rig move and offshore supply operations, including fuel & cement supply.

Jul 2009 – Feb 2010 - Chief Engineer (Barge Engineer)

Self Propelled Accommodation Barge “Ravel”, Wagenborg Offshore, the Netherlands

Working Area: Dry-docking / reconstruction on shipyard “De Hoop Lobith”,

Working on North Kashagan oil field, Caspian sea.

DP-1 Kongsberg. ME / AE Caterpillar. Z-drives Veth,

Working under the highest ecological standards with zero dumping policy.

Aug 2007 – May 2009 - Chief Engineer - m/v “Samskip Pioneer”, “Samskip Explorer”, container carriers, - Bernd Becker GmbH&Co. KG, Germany

Trading area: Northern Sea

ME – MaK, AE - Caterpillar, CPP- Wärtsilä –Lips, Bow&Stern thrusters - Wärtsilä –Lips” All ships UMS, computerized, work without electrician.

Mar 2006 – Jun 2007 - Second Engineer

m/v “Smaland”, “Samskip Explorer”, “Eucon leader”, “Jork Reliance”

container carriers, Bernd Becker GmbH&Co. KG, Germany

Galatz shipyard “Damen”, Romania

All vessels new built.Trading area: Mediterranean sea, North sea

Ship UMS, computerized, work without electrician

Oct 2005 – Dec 2005 - Second Engineer - m/v “Celandine”, Ro-Ro,

Cobelfret Ferries company, Luxembourg

Trading area – Northern Europe

ME Kawasaki–MAN B&W, CPP Kawasaki, AE Daihatsu, BT Kawasaki

June 2003 – July 2005 - Second Engineer - m/v “Oeland”, container carrier

“DT-Berederungs GmbH&Co. KG”, Germany

ME MaK, AE Caterpillar, CPP MAN B&W, bow thruster Wärtsilä

New built ship, Hamburg shipyard “Sietas”

Trading area – Northern Europe, Baltic sea

Ship UMS, computerized, work without electrician

Dec 2001 – Feb 2003 - Third Engineer - m/v “APL Mexico”, container carrier

“Peter Döhle” company, Germany

ME & AE MAN B&W, BT Brunvoll

Vessel commissioning on Schecin Shipyard, Poland

Trading area – worldwide

Ship UMS, computerized, work without electrician

June 1998 – Sep 2001 - Fourth / Third Engineer, UDASCO, Ukraine

m/v “Izmail”, “Reni”, container carriers

ME – Wärtsilä, CPP – Volda, AE – MANN, Bow thruster Brunvoll, cargo cranes – Hatlapa

m/v “Radomyshl”, “Rakhov”, MLP



Automation Engineering department of Odessa National Maritime Academy, 1998

Diploma qualification attanded - engineer of automatization



Class / Grade: First-Class Engineer

Endorsements of Certificate of Competency

Class / Grade: Chief Engineer (Unlimited)

Valid for service on passenger ships, Ro-Ro ships, oil, liquefied gas and chemical tankers.


DP System Maintenance

HUET, including E.B.S. (OPITO approved)

Basic Safety Training and Instructions

Proficiency in Survival Crafts & Rescue Boats

Advanced Fire Fighting

Medical First Aid on Board Ship

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Oil Tankers Specialized Training

Chemical Tankers Specialized Training

Technology of Inert Gas System Operations

Technology of Crude Oil Washing

Liquefied Gas Tankers Specialized Training

Training for service on RO-RO Passenger Ships

Training for service on Passenger Ships other than RO-RO

Carrying Dangerous & Hazardous Substances


Medical fitness certificate (UKOOA approved)

Drug & alcohol test

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

ADC vaccination


UK seaman’s discharge book

Cyprus seaman’s book

Antigua & Barbuda seaman’s book

Antigua & Barbuda endorsement of Chief Engineer

St. Vincent & the Grenadines endorsement of Chief Engineer



One of the most interesting advantages of my career in maritime engineering field is the really grand experience of new build vessels commissioning – I took part in commissioning of 9 vessels on 5 different shipyards:

2001, m/v APL Mexico, shipyard Stochnya Schecinsca, Poland.

2003, m/v Oeland, Hamburg shipyard Sietas, Germany

2006-2007 – 3 sisterships Samskip Explorer, Eucon Leader and Jork Reliance, shipyard Damen Galatz, Romania

2009, m/v Ravel- reconstruction on shipyard De Hoop Lobith, Netherlands. Additional reconstruction on ship repair base Bautino, Kazakhstan.

2010 m/v Fugro Galaxy, Bremen shipyard Fr.Fassmer, Germany

2010-2011 m/v Polarcus Samur and Polarcus Alima, shipyard Drydock World Dubai, UAE


Dynamic Positioning Systems: Kongsberg, Converteam

ME: Wärtsilä, Caterpillar, MAK, MAN, MAN B&W, Kawasaki

AE: Caterpillar, MAN B&W, Daihatsu, MANN, SKL

CPP: Wärtsilä-Lips, MAN B&W, Kawasaki, Volda, Berg

Azimuth Propulsion: Veth, Schottel, Brunvoll

Side Thrusters: Wartsila, Lips, Brunvoll, Veth, Schottel

AH / Towing Winches; Deck Seismic Hydraulics: Rolls-Royce, Odim

Separators: Alfa-Laval, Westfalia, Mitsubishi

Steam & TO Boilers: Aalborg, Sunrod

Cranes: Hatlapa, Global Davit, HS Marine, Donaldson, Palfinger

Seismic Compressors: LMF, Hamworthy


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