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I would like to cook with my best


Previous Sea Service (Please start with last contracts)

1.21-02-2010-14-07-2010, Taklift Singapore,Crane Barge, Chief cook,Smit Singapore

2.10-04-2009-03-10-2009, Taklift 6 Singapore, Crane Barge, Chief cook, Smit Singapore

3.29-11-2008-13-01-2009,Taklift 6 Singapore, Crane Barge, Chief cook, Smit Singapore

4.09-01-2008-24-05-2008, Mt HL Moogal Singapore,Tanker, Chief cook, Wahana rahma

5.21-06-2007-18-07-2007, Modec Venture 1 Singapore,Temporary Cook, Wahana rahma

6.20-04-2006-18-10-2006, M/v Flunder Panama,Survey seismic, Chief cook, Monsoon Maritime

7.13-12-2005-12-03-2006, M/v Western trident Panama,Survey seismic, Chief cook, Monsoon maritime

8.28-06-2004-31-10-2004, M/v Western trident Panama, Survey seismic, Second cook,Monsoon maritime

9.01-08-2003-10-10-2003,M/v Modec venture 1 Singapore,FPSO,temporary Cook, Wahana rahma

10.28-11-2002-10-02-2003,M/v Geco beta Panama,Survey seismic,Second cook, Monsoon maritime

11.07-05-2002-26-09-2002,M/v Western neptune Panama, Survey seismic,Second cook, Monsoon maritime

12.08-11-2001-19-03-2002,M/v Geco emerald Panama,Survey seismic,Second cook,Monsoon maritime

13.30-03-2000-20-09-2000,M/v Geco emerald Panama, Survey seismic,Second cook,Monsoon maritime

14.09-06-1999-15-12-1999, M/v Geco rho Panama,Survey seismic,Second cook,Monsoon maritime

15.04-10-1998-15-04-1999,Platform Oil rig,Western cook, Cv.Brahmana


- Academy of Tourism Medan for 2 year with subject food production

- Culinary course in Norwegian Traning Centre Manila


- Basic Safety Training

- Survival craft and Rescue Boat

- Tanker Familiarization

- Basic offshore safety training

- Helicopter escape underwater training


-prepare salad

-making any soup

-can make main course

-any kind of dessert

-plenty kind of bread and pastry


jakarta, jakarta,
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