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Shoreside Operations


  • Query logistics data, such as Vessel performance, dockages, bunker credits/surcharges for all voyages related to the charterer and or ship-owner.
  • Handle all operational duties related to voyage CP’s including tracking the vessel throughout the voyage to drive efficiency and ensure proper communication is shared between all parties.
  • Provide the charterer with our own laytime calculations and demurrage analysis using the knowledge of charter parties, legal terms and arbitration.


  • Spent five weeks in Germany working for German Tanker Owner “Carl Buttner”.  Worked with the chartering group learning voyage calculations, their methodical process of booking cargoes and accurate scheduling that drive the profit and performance of each Vessel’s voyage.
  • Worked with the technical group on the logistics of maintaining and supporting each Vessel in addition to how all related Vessel certificates are kept up to date.
  • Had the opportunity to sail on a short coastal voyage, from load to discharge port on a 24,000 dwt tonner. Met with the captain and chief engineer who provided an in-depth tour of the inner workings of the Vessel and the load/discharge operation.

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