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Captain of ocean Going Vessel, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer


Work ashore as Naval Architect,preferrably in Europe,Belgium


The vacant position in your company is of great interest of me. Because of my board experience in the maintenance, planning, developing and executing the maintenance schedules, I believe I can make a strong contribution to the success of your company.

I am working in the area of the operation and maintenance of the marine equipment. I have a detailed knowledge of the administration, recruiting, planning, personnel and working aspects of this type of service.

My knowledge is especially strong in relation to :

- setting up maintenance systems and operation schedules;

- safety of the vessel and personals - vessel under my command wins company’s annual safety campaign;

- security of the vessel and personals and training of the staff, as I am ship security officer too;

As a Captain of Ocean Going Vessel and with 15 years experience at sea, I am responsible for all the operations, maintenance and repair works carried out on the vessel. I have gain some experience during dry docking of the vessels under my command with the kindly permission of the superintendants responsible.

I have completed my education as Naval Architect at July’09 and even without experience I believe that my sea service background put me in favorable position. Attached is a CV with my qualifications

I will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the possibility of putting my experience to work for you. I am confident that a personal interview with you, where we can explore how I can fit into your team, would be of our mutual advantage.

Yours faithfully :

Desislav Yanchev Dimov

Master Mariner, Dipl. Eng., Naval Architect & Marine Engineer


Master degree as Navigational Officer in

Naval Academy ‘N. Vaptzarov’ – Varna, Bulgaria

Master degree as Naval Architect & Marine Engineer

in Varna Technical Univercity, Bulgaria


GMDSS general operator, all required STCW certificates, captain’s degree courses, ship’s security officer course, HAZMAT course


Captain of ocean going vessels


Varna, Bulgaria,
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