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Captain, ISO/ISM Auditor, Inspector, Vetting, Operations



Gain Lawful Employment as Master of Oceangoing Vessels, Port Operations, Surveyor, Auditor or Inspector in the Maritme Industry.

Remain employed in a Maritime Related Industry using my years of sea going experience to focus on providing safe and quality vessel operations, audits and inspections, while training and encouraging development of personnel within the Worldwide Merchant Mariner Fleet.





Gain Lawful Employment as Master of Oceangoing Vessels, Port Operations, Surveyor, Auditor or Inspector.

Remain employed in a Maritime Related Industry using my years of sea going experience to focus on providing safe and quality vessel operations, audits and inspections, while training and encouraging development of personnel within the Worldwide Merchant Mariner Fleet.


Paid employee as Master and Chief Mate on oceangoing steam, gas turbine and motor vessels of 15,000 gross tons or greater. Over 27 years experience in the Maritime Industry. Licensed Deck Officer for 18 years. Employed on MSC/MARAD owned/ chartered vessels since 1986 including MPS – 1 & 3, LMSR, FSS, OPDS and PRODUCT TANKER, MSC Time Charter and MARAD RRF vessels.


Responsibilities included overall authority and responsibility for the safety of all embarked personnel and vessel. Responsible for the safe operation and navigation of the vessel at all times. Managed all areas of vessel operations ensuring safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of damage to the environment.

Responsible for the safe and efficient loading and discharging of mission cargo.

Responsibility to ensure vessels drafts, stability, bending moments, and shear stress remain within the prescribed limits contained in the Stability Letter and Load Line Certificate. Adhering to vessel’s USCG Certificate of Inspection manning, life saving and firefighting equipment, route permitted and conditions of operation at all times.

Served as the company's senior management representative and ambassador aboard the vessel. Managed financial matters aboard the vessel including payroll, Master's Cash and Slop Chest in a responsible manner. Managed overtime and purchasing budgets according to procedure.

Responsible for operating the vessel in accordance with USCG, MSC and company regulations, policies and procedures. Communicating with Operational Commander and MSC via Naval Message Traffic INMARSAT A & B, GMDSS and STU-III. Current Security Level XXXXX with Maersk Line Ltd. Familiar in the use of MS Office and Windows XP.

Ensured all MSC Physical Security and operational procedures were enforced. Ensured all embarked personnel received appropriate medical care as required and that medical consultative service was used to recommend treatment for sick and injured personnel.

Overall responsibility and authority for implementing the ISO/ ISM safety, quality and environmental policies while motivating, training and encouraging development and awareness of all embarked personnel.

Responsible for Turbo Activation of RRF vessels. Make ready said vessels for sea from ROS 5 to FOS


Duties included direct supervision and overall responsibility for safe cargo on load and off load operations. Cargo operations included in stream/moored loading/unloading and heavy lifts (LO/LO) of numerous types of military cargo. Class 1 Explosives and /Dangerous Cargo loading/unloading, compatibility and stowage. RO/RO loading/unloading. Ensure the Dangerous Cargo Manifest is in order prior to signing. Assist customer with cargo stowage planning. Ensure proper cargo securing and hold cleanliness. Maintain vessel stability through computer based calculations. Responsible for maintenance and appearance of all deck/ cargo spaces and machinery IAW MSC\s standards.


Tanker operations including supervision of discharge and loading of dangerous liquid petroleum products. Ensuring regulatory Tank Vessel rules, regulations and procedures were followed.

Experienced cargo crane operator and maintainer. Served as Afloat Environmental Protection Officer. Ensure vessel is in compliance during ABS and USCG class surveys and periodic vessel inspections. Responsible for maintenance of the vessel's safety equipment. Numerous vessel shipyard availability and maintenance periods. Maintain vessel IAW computer based maintenance program SAMM. Coordinate drills and exercises on aboard the vessel in accordance with USCG, MSC, SOLAS and company requirements. Ensure crew utilizes personal protection gear while practicing safe working procedures.

Assigned as Physical Security Officer and USCG Vessel Security Officer during peace and wartime. Drafting and sending Naval Messages as required by Vessel’s Fleet Commander and AOR guidelines.


Navigation and ship handling experience maneuvering and piloting ocean-going vessels in congested, restricted and open ocean waters with consideration to prevailing conditions and unique characteristics of the vessel. Obey Navigation Laws contain in Rule of the Road at all times.

Maintain vessel station while steaming in vessel convoy formations, MODLOC, underway along side/over the stern transfers of fuel (UNREP) with other vessels and VERTREPs.

17 years standing safe and alert navigational bridge watches as a Licensed Deck Officer and MASTER.

Numerous Panama and Suez Canal transits, Persian Gulf voyages and circumnavigation.


2 Years conducting Second Party and Internal ISO/ISM audits as Lead Auditor on oceangoing vessels for an USA Container Line, International Cruise Line, and MARAD owned vessels. Writing Audit Reports and Safety Management System procedures / checklists for key shipboard functions.


Experienced Vessel Vetting Surveyor. Conduct material condition inspections of Company Vessels. Document and report findings to Company. Make recommendations for repairs or improvements.


Considering the over 27 years experience obtained in the Maritime Industry, your decision to employ Capt. Michael D. Ryan will compliment your Companies expertise. As a valuable asset, Capt. Ryan will enhance your Company’s ability to provide quality vessel or port operations, audits, vetting, inspections and customer satisfaction. Your Company will also hire a team player and a leader who cultures and encourages professional development and training among Officers and Crews. Capt. Ryan’s record is testimony to the fact, he has as MASTER and Licensed Deck Officer, provided vessel’s Officers and Crews a safe platform to perform their duties while meeting or exceeding the standard of excellence demanded from USCG, ABS, Military Sealift Command, MARAD, Commercial operators and the United States Armed Forces



First Colonial High School, Va. Beach, Va. – 1974

Florida Institute Of Technology, Jensen Beach, Fla. – 1976

Charles County Community College – Nautical Science Program 1980

HLSS, Piney Pt., MD – 1980 Trainee & 1988 Third Mate

Star Center, Dania, Fla. – 1992 Chief Officer




USCG Unlimited Master Lic. # 1133056, Long Beach – exp Jan 2010


GMDSS, TRL San Diego – Oct. 01


ATO, San Diego - 26 Nov 01

Med – PIC , Star Center - 20 Dec 01

Small Arms, Charleston, S.C. – May 05

STCW 95, Long Beach – Jan 05

Bridge Team Management – Star Center Oct. 98

BEST Operator– Chesapeake, Va. Jun 04

COMSC EKMS Manager – Va. Beach, Va. Jun 04

PPTS MERCOMMS - Panama City, Fl Jun 04

Tankerman PIC - DL, Calif. Maritime 19 Dec 97

Vapor Recovery / IGS CMA Dec 97

24 hour Marine Oil Spill for Hazardous Waste and Emergency response Dec 02

Maritime Auditor/Lead Auditor – ABS Academy Houston, Tx. Jun 99

Damage Control, San Diego – Dec 04

SSET, NCIS Guam – 4 Dec 98

OPDS, EWTG Pacific – 25 Aug 00

PC – SAL, San Fran, 11 Nov 98

Helo Control Officer, San Diego, Aug 89

Sealift Maintenance and Crane Operator, HLSS – Jan 86

Urine and Breath Collection Technician – Long Beach 23 Jul 02

Ship Handling for Third Mates - Star Center Dec 02

Fast Rescue Boat – Star Center Sep 03

Vessel Security Officer – Star Center Sep 03

AEPCC – Star Center Sep 03

Advanced Firefighting – MSC San Diego Jun 97

MSC Physical – Sep 05

Federal Information Systems Security Awareness – Jun 04

Safety Management Systems and Internal Vetting – Det Norske Veritas Mar 05

Gas Free Engineer – May 05

SAMM – May 05

Field Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties Course – Aberdeen P.G, Sep 05

Clark Fork Truck Training – Oct 05

Small Pox, Anthrax Vaccinated


Spanish as a Second Language


Will work as independant contractor

New Orleans, LA,
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