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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

I got a job as a Marine Superintendent with Songa Shipping in Glasgow. They operated an international fleet of chemical tankers ranging from 17500 dwt to 35000 dwt. I was responsible for six ships ensuring that the vessels were always fully certified, always ready to pass the necessary SIRE and CDI inspections and were able to meet all the customer’s requirements.

Employer: Whitaker Tankers Hull UK

February to August 2016

I worked for Whitaker Tankers as master on one of their coastal fuel tankers. It was a 2400 dwt vessel operating out of Liverpool and supplying fuels to the ro-ro ferries operating in Irish Sea, mainly from Liverpool, Belfast, Larne and Holyhead.  During my time with the company I obtained my Pilotage Exemption Certificate for the port of Holyhead.

Employer:  Stolt Nielsen b.v. Rotterdam Netherlands

November 1994 to June 2015:

I was promoted to master with Stolt Nielsen in November 1994 and I served on a variety of their coastal chemical tankers in the NW European trade ranging from 3300 to 6200 dwt. The vessels were mainly traded in the NW of Europe (North Sea coastal ports, the Baltic Sea and as far as Gibraltar) although more latterly the vessels had been traded more frequently to the Mediterranean Sea and on occasions down to Angola.  Since being promoted to master I worked on a two months on two months off contract.

The vessels were constructed to carry the most demanding of chemical and oil products in fully segregated stainless steel and/or coated cargo tanks with individual pumps, lines, sampling devices, monitoring devices, with heating and cooling systems. The company prided itself on being capable of carrying any product at any time to fulfil the demands of their customers.

As expected the vessels had to be maintained to the standards expected by our customers including all the oil major companies and many high grade chemical producing companies, and operated within the company’s QA, all the applicable international and national laws at all times. The vessels were subjected to at least one SIRE inspection (two for ships over 15 years age like my last command) and one CDI inspection annually, plus any additional inspections required by customers, and of course any PSC inspections.

During my time with the company I obtained my Pilotage Exemption Certificate for the Humber River in the United Kingdom as far as the port of Kingston upon Hull, and also Maas Approach for Rotterdam.

July 1989 to November 1994

I was promoted to Chief Officer in July 1989 when I joined Stolt Nielsen having just passed my Master’s examinations at South Shields Nautical College. I had been made redundant from Buries Markes Ship Management when the fleet was sold to Stolt Nielsen.  At the time the fleet consisted of the former Buries Markes Ship Management Ltd fleet of vessels that were aging and these were gradually replaced with newer tonnage. I served on almost all of the fleet of ships from 2400 to 5500 dwt with the responsibility of maintaining the cargo to customer’s requirements and the ships to the owner’s requirements in the busy NW European trade. I was working on a two months on and one month off contract.

Employer: Buries Markes Ship Management Ltd London UK

February 1984 to July 1989

I joined Buries Markes Ship Management Ltd as 3 Officer in February 1984 after being made redundant from Panocean Anco Ltd. I served on most of the fleet of ships that were between 1900 and 3500 dwt for the coastal chemical tanker fleet operating in the NW European trade with voyages to the Mediterranean Sea, and I also worked on three Gearbulk vessels of about 40,000 dwt.

I was promoted on my second trip with Buries Markes Ship Management Ltd. to 2 Officer in July 1984, with the usual responsibility of maintaining the vessel’s navigational equipment and carrying out the passage planning and maintaining all nautical publications. Contracts were typically 2-3 months on the coastal fleet and 4-5 months on the bulk carrier fleet. The bulk carriers were traded internationally on liner voyages. I passed my Chief Officer’s (Class 2 certificate) examinations at South Shields Nautical College in July 1985 during my time with the company.

Employer: Panocean Anco Ltd London UK

March 1981 to January 1984

I worked as 3 Officer with Panocean Anco Ltd on their international chemical tanker fleet. The ships were all 24,000 – 25,000 dwt converted / upgraded products tankers carrying mainly chemicals but also a variety of oil products and vegetable oil cargoes. Contracts were typically 4-5 months and I was responsible for the maintenance of the vessel’s safety and life-saving equipment.

September 1977 to February 1981

Cadetship with Panocean Anco Ltd. working on their international chemical tanker fleet and studying at the Merchant Navy College at Greenhithe in Kent on a typical MNTB course. I passed the ONC in Nautical Science and a Class 4 certificate which I later upgraded to the Class 3 certificate on completing the necessary sea time. The ships were all 24,000 to 25,000 dwt carrying mainly chemical cargoes, some oil products and vegetable oil cargoes.


I studied at my local comprehensive school in Essex where I lived at the time. I left school at the age of 16 having passed the equivalent of seven GCE “O” levels (GCSC’s as they are today) in mathematics, English Language and Literature, chemistry, physics, modern history and engineering drawing.

Private Life

I met my wife in 2010 while serving as master with Stolt Nielsen. I left the company in 2015 so we could be married in the Philippines. We were married in July 2015 and returned to the UK in the following November. Initially we lived in Milton Keynes but moved to Liverpool when I got the Job with Whitaker Tankers. When I got the job with Songa Shipping we considered moving to the Glasgow area however as the job was unsuitable we stayed in Liverpool and started our mobile bar business and running a small shop selling sweets, drinks and Philippine products. Since returning to the Philippines in early 2018 my wife has started her own business in Cebu and I have been visiting her on a regular basis with a view to retiring in the Philippines.

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