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m an experienced Master Mariner with background in the safe operations of large cargo ocean going vessels, documentation, record keeping, control and management of ship’s crew seeking a challenging and responsible position in an organization where creativity, innovation and sound management is utilized to produce and maintain a motivated, goal-oriented work force achieving individual and collective growth


M.V Victoria March 2010- March 2011

Dry Cargo

Dead Weight: 8300 M/T

Position: Mater

M.V Alpha February 2009- August 2009

Dry Cargo

Dead Weight: 7500 M/T

Position: Master

M.V Jaikur August 2008- Oct 2008

Bulk Carrier

Dead Weight: 20648

Position: Master

M.V Jaikur II May 2008- July 2008

Dry Cargo

Dead Weight: 8195

Position: Master

M.V Mariam Star May 2006- July 2007

RORO (Car Carrier)

Dead Weight: 3500

Position: Master

M. V Team Al Emirates April 2001- November 2004

Dry Cargo

Dead Weight: 3800

Position: Master

M.V Voyager August 2000- November 2000

Bulk Carrier

Dead Weight: 25000

Position: Chief Officer

M.V Majesty January 2000- May 2000

Bulk Carrier

Dead Weight: 25000

Position: Chief Officer

M.V Alim April 1999- September 1999

Multi Dry Cargo

Dead Weight: 18500

Position: Chief Officer

M.V Delta Star December 1997- January 1999

Bulk Carrier

Dead Weight: 35000

Position: Chief Officer

M.V Lady Maria December 1995- April 1997

Bulk Carrier

Dead Weight: 16355

Position: Master

M.V Calypso IV January 1995- September 1995

Bulk Carrier

Dead Weight: 18782

Position: Master

M.V Dolphin 2 November 1993- May 1994

Dry Cargo

Dead Weight: 1926

Position: Master

M.V Sea Princess June 1993- July 1993

Dry Cargo

Dead Weight: 13550

Position: Master

Barkaat 101 August 1991- March 1993

Dry Cargo

Dead Weight: 6680 M/T

Position: Master


Education, Experience and Current Location

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Science Current Location: Woodbridge, Virginia

CDC # K/O 4510, COC as Master No. 2021 Experience: 18+ years

US Permanent Resident (Green Card) Valid Virginia Driver’s License



Ship security officer certificate (ISPS)


Certificate of Competence and authority to operate - GMDSS STCW 95

Survival at sea course Certificate

Electronic navigation system course Certificate

First aid at sea course Certificate

Firefighting course Certificate

Advanced firefighting Certificate

Radar, ARPA and navigation simulator Certificate

Radar observation and plotting Certificate

Medical first aids Certificate

Survival craft and rescue boat Certificate

Ship security officer Certificate (ISPS)

Medical care Certificate

Endorsement master Certificate of competency

Medical Certificate as per STCW and ILO and WHO

Certificate for operation of all types of echo sounders, direction finders, Sat. Nav

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

Advance oil tanker safety Certificate

Oil tanker familiarization Certificate

Expert in logistics, maritime transportation and marine terminal operations.

Excellent organizational skills

Able to interact with clients and vendors in a professional manner


Excellent Communication, Presentation, Decision Making Skills

Understanding Customer requirements, and solving Customer problems

A proactive problem solver with strong commitment to excellence using initiative, planning, team building and leadership qualities

Performed all types of draft survey, damage survey, and cargo survey

Operations of handling, loading, discharging and safe carrying of all types of cargoes in port or at sea

Supervising of safe securing and loading of all types of cargoes and managing of stevedoring

Having good ability as the agent in ports

Ships hold inspection and cargo inspection

Safe loading and discharging of heavy lift cargoes

All types of port operation and container operations in port terminals

Loading/discharging planner in container terminals

Managing the security of the port or ships during stay at port

Act as the safety officer and familiar with all international IMO rules as per STCW 95

Able to handle volume work in pressure situations

Good communication skills and accuracy paper work and maintaining the documentation

Have all kinds of cargo vessel experience (loading, discharging, draft survey, departure documents etc.)


woodbridge, VA,
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