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After having been a ship master with sea time of 9 years, I am like a field commander qualified by experience to be a general and make decision.


Total sea time of 23 years.

Sea career started in 1973.

Shifted to tankers in 1988. Sailed on oil, chemical and LPG tankers (Fully pressurized and Semi-refrigerated).

Aside from the above, have sailed on bunker ship and asphalt tanker as chief officer.

Sea time as master 9 years with 20 commands.

Have piloted own ship in Caribbean Islands and with considerable STS experience.

Have sailed under various ship managements exposing me to various ship-management styles and philosophies.


Four-year college degree and compliant to STCW training requirements for oil and chemical tankers and LPG carriers.


Master - Philippines.

Have been certified as master by Malaysia, Isle of Man, Singapore, Panama and Liberia, although these have expired.


Experienced shiphandler after piloting own vessel in Caribbean Islands and considerable STS experience. Presently producing a manual for STS mooring/unmooring.

My considerable Oil Major vetting inspection make me understand the mechanics and philosophy behind vetting inspections for me to be able to properly prepare fo any kind of inspections.


I believe that it is the character that makes or breaks a captains command. That is why I keep my self respectable at all times in the eyes of my crew.

I am an effective trainor with inherent teaching abilities.

Quezon City,
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