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Captain with seagoing experience as the Master on Dry, MP, bulk vessels last 7 years,

Continue of adjucation at LMA, London.



as Master of m.v."CEC Fighter" (DWT 7300 mts), Bahamas, S.Jones,

from 7.06 till 11.06

CEC Shipmanagement A/S (T/C A/S),from 19.10.2003-20.03.2004.

as Master of m.v."CEC Vision" (5400 mtns), I.O.M., from 21.11.04-25.06.05,

25.11.05- 09.04.06

as Master of m.v."CEC Leader" (DWT 5400 mts), I.O.M, Douglas,

CEC Shipmanagement A/S (T/C A/S),from 19.10.2003-20.03.2004.

as Master of m.v."CEC DAWN" (4100 mtns),T/C A/S, I.O.M , Douglas from


as Master of bulk carrier "Lagada Star" (DWT 41000 mtns)

of S.KASMAS AND BROS LTD. at Lemesos, Cyprus, 14.12.2001-17.04.2002.

Gradual progression through the many type of vessels, organizations

from Deck Officer to Master (since 1998), handling a full range of

operations duties:

-supervision of the cargo handling different type including claims.,

-supervision of docking, undocking vessels, major repairing.,

-management of the crew (32 people) with responsibility for




Lloyd Marine Academy for Diploma Marine Survey study is in progress.

-Passed updated courses and examination for Master endorsement.

November 2004 at Odessa Ukraine.

-Passed examination at Odessa Higher engineering Marine school 1-st

class (engineer-navigator).

1986 at Odessa Ukraine.

- Passed examinations at Odessa secondary marine school for

class deck officer.,

1978 at Odessa Ukraine


All certs as per STCW 95 and copies will be available on your request


Seagoing captain, Marine survey, CP, etc.


Odessa, Ukraine,
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