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Captain / Mate 500-Ton Master of Towing, Oceans (Marine Salvage)


I currently hold a 500-ton Master of Towing Oceans and an MBA in international business. Most of my experience is in the GOM, NY Harbor, and Caribbean. I'm currently employed, but considering seeking a permanent long term position as Captain or Mate in the following fields: Salvage, Marine Transportation, Towing, Diving, and Research. I prefer equal time 28/28


Chief Mate, Resolve Pioneer Dec 2010 – Present

206ft, 5,750BHP, 4-Point AHTS, 80-ton Bollard Pull, CPP

Resolve Marine Group, Salvage and Emergency Response

Gulf Coast, East Coast, and Caribbean

• Tow stranded ships up to 4,000 GT to safe harbor

• Set up 4-point anchor dive spreads to perform salvage operations

• Refloat vessels up to 450ft in length

• Anchor handling up to 30,000 lbs

• Oil skimming operations during BP oil spill (Ground Zero)

• Emergency Response to major fuel spills and fires in accordance with OPA 90

• Project manager during ABS inspections and dry dock (See below)

Project Manager, Resolve Marine Group

5-Year ABS inspections and Dry-dock

• Management of all steps involved with inspection including gas freeing tanks, ultrasound, and major steel renewal

• Hiring and oversight of contract labor and welding crew to renew supports and bulkheads

• Correspondence with inspectors to meet ABS regulations

• Insure safety with ventilation, hot work, confined space, and competent person

• Complete final report in accordance to ISO 9001

Salvage Warehouse Facility Manager: Aug 2009 – Dec 2011 Resolve Marine Group, Theodore, Alabama

• Manage a workforce of up to 20 personnel on-site: crane operators, welders, divers, captains, mechanics, laborers, and contractors

• Create and execute business plan to update and standardize facility

• Supervise all barge and truck load outs

• Prepare all salvage equipment and packages for immediate deployment

• Implement inventory, maintenance, and purchasing software (Timberline)

Tug Captain: Feb 2007 – Aug 2008 Resolve Marine Group, Gulf Coast, East Coast, and Caribbean

(Lana Rose 96ft, 800HP) (Summer Star 51ft 800 HP) (Lewis M. 40ft, 600 HP)

• Tow barges up to 980-tons / 180ft to perform salvage operations

• Position salvage barges on four point anchor spreads for dive ops and heavy lifts

• Emergency Response to fuel spills and fires in accordance to OPA 90

• Heavily involved with BP oil spill clean up on multiple projects (Entire gulf coast)

• Unlicensed engineer: maintenance and repair of engines and machinery

• Project manager during ABS inspections and dry dock

First Officer / Relief Captain Motor yacht Mariner III

122ft Wooden charter yacht. Built in 1926 and USCG certified Jun 2004- Jan 2007

(Summers in Manhattan, Winters in Palm Beach)

• Management of operations including staffing, training, payroll, provisioning, and safety

• Experienced in navigation of waters from Mississippi to Maine including Bahamas

• Supervision of Coast Guard inspections and dry dock operations

• Delegation of duties to a crew of up to 10

• Unlicensed engineer, maintenance and repair of engines and machinery

Relief Captain / Operations Manager Vessel Chelsea Screamer

52ft High-speed tour boat of New York Harbor Summer 2006

• Oversaw all coast guard inspections and dry dock operations

• Administrative tasks including hiring, purchasing, and payroll

Vessel Delivery Zantino III Dec 2005

107ft Private yacht

• Navigation of waters from Fort Lauderdale to St. Martin

Design & Engineering Assistant Summers 1994 – 2003

Marine Concepts, Cape Coral, Florida

• Assisted in prototyping of new boats and product testing

• Operate 3-axis cnc router

• Assisted in tooling of boat molds

Dock Hand Summer 2002

Marina One Yacht Club, Deerfield Beach, Florida

• Shift vessels up to 40ft in strong current between docks and fork lifts

• Prepare boats to get underway and proper stowage upon return

Public Relations Intern Spring 2004

General Motors, Delray Beach, Florida

• Conduct meetings to establish goals and objectives

• Develop time-line and delegate responsibilities to staff of 3

• Design professional media kit


Master of Business Administration GPA 3.5/4.0 (Magna Cum Laude) June 2009

European University, Barcelona, Spain

Major: International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration GPA 3.3/4.0 April 2004

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida

Major: Marketing Minor: Communications

Certificates: International Business




• ISPS (Vessel Security Officer)

• 40-Hour Hazwoper

• Medical First Aid Provider

• Celestial Navigation

• AB Unlimited

• Bridge Resource Management

• Radar Observer Unlimited


• FCC (Marine Radio Operators Permit)

• USCG Advanced Fire Fighting

• STCW 95 Basic safety training

• OSHA Confined Space Entry

• O2 & AED Administration

• Padi Advanced

• Flashing Light

• Lifeboat man

• Welder Certificate


-Setting 4-point anchors

-Anchor Handling

-OPA 90 Emergency Response, Salvage / Firefighting

-Unlicensed Engineer: Experienced with Detroit Diesels: assist changing heads, kits, and full engines.

-Comfortable maintaining pneumatic, hydraulic, water, and mechanical systems of a vessel


Travel Experience:

• Independently traveled over 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America

• Circumnavigated the globe as a passenger in 2002

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