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Capt Sea Going Unlimited


To manage -operate- teach -train-any area of shipping -offshore-main line bulk-container etc.

Looking forplacement world wide specially challneged areas and positions.

I have wide and varied experience incluidng sailing- working for shipmanagement company-agency outfit and ran my off shore chartering business for over 7 year.

During the period I have taught in marin academy- managed complex project like supply 600 mw power turbine- load out of heavy cargoes and refurbishment of gantry cranes


Arch Ship Management LLC /Arch Shipping FZ LLC Jan 2004- Current Partner

Responsibilities include

• Setup of the company for local sponserers from scratch

• Won confidence of ship owners and charterers and involved in broking, chartering and ship management activities.

• Marketed and represented the company on seminars and conferences

• Overseeing the complete running of the company and responsible for generating revenues and ensuring the profitability of the venture.

• Prepared market reports for local clients.

Key areas of input

• Co-ordianted loading of two Liebherr cranes to Iraq

• Co-ordinated project of refurbishment of port gantry cranes at Umm qasr

• Arranged several towages world wide

• Undertook several projects mainly offshore and also demolition vessels.

Lamnalco October 2001- Dec 2003

Great Circle Line May 1999 –Sept 2001

Responsibilities include

• Regional/Operations Manager for a major agency outfit catering to Ship owners like Tsakos ,KOTC, Polembros, Ceres, Great Eastern, Norasia, Samudera lines,GM Lines, Hub lines, Cargo Levant, NMA, COSCO etc.

• Overseeing terminal operations and management in PG. region

• Coordinating with local company like BP AMOCO, ADPPOC, ADNATCO, PDO etc.

• Worked with Local refinery on a non oil refining project

• Coordinating cargo lifting for far Eastern principals like TITAN Group ETC and coordination with KPC, ARAMCO, Shell etc.

• In charge vessel operations of liner vessels, tramp, bulk, and heavy lift, tanker vessels, project vessels and submersible vessels. The cargoes handled included steel coils, luxary yachts, steel structures, windmill fins, power plants, heavy lifts, dredgers and other work boats.

• Overseeing smooth ship-shore operations and ship to ship operations

• Competitive ship broking and worked closely with other UK and far east based brokers

• Fixing cargo for break bulk and project vessels.

• Oversaw and co-ordinate heavy lift transshipment cargoes on barges to Iran South pars Project

• Overall responsibility for regional documentation including Bills of Lading, delivery orders scrutinizing bank and letter of credits with a view of protecting company’s and principals interests

• Responsible for ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

• Responsible for ensuring that staff morale and motivation is high and supports the company in its growth.

• Responsible for keeping costs under control and enhancing the profitability of the agency.

• Overseeing / verifying P+L statements, Revenue reports, Budget preparation, Cost sheet etc. for accuracy and presentation to the top management

Key areas of input

• Enhanced customer satisfaction

• Economical use of manpower and resources

• Incorporation of electronic data bases and issue of electronic document

• Setup Agency offices in seven Saudi Arabian ports

• Was engaged in setup of a new advanced Economic Resource Planning for the agency.


Fleet Management Limited October 1997 - March 1999

Marine Superintendent, Hong Kong

Responsibilities included

• Vetting inspection for oil majors and charterers which include Exxon,Mobil,Shell.

• Marine Superintendent-responsible for vessel under commercial operation of Egon Oldendorff

• Sale and purchase of vessels for principals like Tsakos, Teekay Tankers , Tanker Pacific etc

Key areas of input

• Vessel attendance- post follow up including vessel inspections

• Assisted in preparation of quality manual

• On approval of documentation review implemented policies and procedures

• Assisted with obtaining Doc for office and SMC for container and bulk vessels

• Cleared backlog of marine claims


Nauru Phosphate corporation June 1995 - August 1997

Responsibilities included

• Harbor Master Nauru-responsible for various port and marine responsibilities

• In charge of all marine and commercial documentation

• Responsible for Imports of complete oil imports from Australia, New Zealand including chartering of vessels, purchase of oil on L/C, operations, evaluations of performance.

• Responsible for complete operations and performance of handy bulker, tanker, container and general cargo vessel-including all import cargoes for the island ranging from cars, amphibious crafts, machinery for power ,desalination and (noddy) soft drink plants

• Protection of marine environment and prevention of oil pollution

• Acted as for Lloyds agent and responsible for cargo damage surveys, off/on hire surveys, bunker survey, quantity assessment surveys

• In charge of state ships agency division

Key areas of input

• Achieved 12 % reduced operational costs

• Identified and marketed phosphates to new markets viz Indonesia /China/ Taiwan

• • Made and submitted plans for new low cost berth (with islands waste materials)

• Printed and published Port handbook

• Initiated Staff training of safety at sea and survival techniques with a view to eliminate lost man days

• Systematized and improved on search and rescue operations of missing fisherman

• Enhanced awareness on drug/alcohol abuse in line with policies of customers and oil majors


Various companies 1980-1994

• Master on board Chemical Tankers .

• Chief officer-Chemical tankers, Bulkers, loggers, MPP vessels and carried CKDs for NYK, construction material steel and profiles on various voyages. Acted for a year as specialist Chief officer looking after afloat repairs and upgrading of vessels on HK-Indonesia Run for Eurasia

• Second Officer-Handy bulk

• Third Officer- Handy Bulk

• Cadet- with various vessels including 26 months on Indian Venture with heavy lift Stuelcken derrick (120 tons) and carried mainly project cargoes to PG and defense cargoes including tanks, armored vehicles, ammunition etc for Indian government


Master Mariner Class i Unlimted


Fellow of Institute of shipbrokers



Lead auditor

Internal auditor


Manage complex projects

Keen Golfer ( HC 18 and improving)

Interest in alternative energy sources


Married with two children - eldest fisished engineering from UK

Younger finishing school thisyear

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