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Camp boss, Chef Manager


I am an experienced Chef Manager. I have experience of working in the Caspian area over the

last 8 years and live in Moscow. I am currently working with Aramark

Catering and have been influencial in setting up their operation in Baku

from Mobilisation to staffing to training.


1978 - 1980 St Omer Barracks Aldershot

I attended military college learning all the military skills I would need to keep me alive and also

Learned how to cook everything from basics to a Ia carte food. I got my catering qualifications


1980 - 1984 Kircudbright Scotland, Sous Chef and Head Chef Responsibilities

I was part of a six-man team feeding about 120 men 3 meals a day. During this time I also started doing the first spell in the senior officers Kitchen, giving me a more challenging role. I was also doing my first Royal functions and taking part in the Edinburgh Tattoo 3 years running. At the Tattoo I was in charge of a crew of 6 men managing them and trying to develop them.

1984 - 1986 Hohne Germany Sous Chef

I was part of a team feeding 650 men 3 meals a day we also had to go on exercise where you would be responsible for providing meals for 120 men by yourself whilst doing your soldier activities. The catering was normally done by digging a hole and putting what amounted to a flame-thrower in it putting on a three ring stand and then cooking.

1986 - 1990 Dortmund Germany Sous Chef

I was part of a team feeding 12 Air Defense Batteries comprising of about 1200 -1500 men. I spent a lot of my time at this unit running the middle managers mess, running a team of seven of whom 5 where German citizens I managed to do this no problem even picking up some German along the way.

1990 - 1994 Birgelen Germany Sous chef, Manager

I was promoted to a Junior Manager in this unit I helped to run both the middle management’s mess and the Senior Management’s mess doing various theme nights parties and learning how to develop myself. I was also part of a VIP Buffet team that traveled to any big function in Germany, including the Closure of Berlin Garrison and the amalgamation of 2 Tank Regiments about 1750 men. I decided to leave the Army in November of 1994 due to my Knee injury that I had picked up playing Rugby not getting any better.

During my Military service I served in Northern Ireland twice and was on standby for the Gulf war.

I played various sports during my service including Rugby, Football, Hockey, Tug of War, Boxing, and Weight Lifting to name some.

I also was very active on the stage Acting, Producing, directing, Writing and Make - up doing various productions from Plays to Pantomime

My hobbies are Computers, Bird watching and Languages

1994 – 1997 Head Chef, Cargenhoim Nursing Home Head chef, Manager

Responsible for running kitchen, catering for 45 residents, responsible for budgeting, rostering, ordering, menu cycles, special diets, hygiene training, and supervising staff. I had to re¬establish a kitchen that had been allowed to drift into a problem kitchen. I successfully achieved this.

1997 - 1999 Catering Manager, Cargenholm Nursing Home Catering Manager

Responsible for running kitchen, catering for 65 residents of various states of health. Responsible for all of the above and also initiating a hazard analysis programme, hiring and firing staff, teaching staff Health & Hygiene, finding and bringing in new tradesmen, initiating infestation control programme, maintenance contract. Liaison between staff and residents, various theme nights and buffets. I also sat and passed intermediate food hygiene course, lifting and handling course. I am on entertainment committee and organise shows and events for residents. Spent a lot of time with the client and the families promoting the care the establishment was offering.

1999-2000 Sous chef Shell International (ARAMARK) Sous Chef.

Responsible for assisting the head chef run a busy kitchen feeding 2000 covers a day later rising to 2500. Responsible for training all staff on all aspects of company policy and training schemes, trained as a coach helping to develop my skills making it easier to pass my knowledge on to others. Controlled all aspects of Food Hygiene and Health and Safety also helping others develop through competition work. I also helped in outside catering events for the company helping to secure a good reputation and also new business. I helped run a brigade of 12 chefs and 8 porters as well as communicating with the restaurant team to make sure we got the best service possible. I attended various regional meetings where I picked up a lot of knowledge of the ARAMARK way. I have represented ARAMARK at various events and have always done it in a professional manner.

2000-2002 Logistics Manager ARAMARK Central London

Responsible for dealing with any Head Chef or Manager problems that we have in London be that Relief Cover, disciplinary, Holiday Cover or just because the person help needs advice.

I also get involved with direct client contact during new contracts or refurbishment’s where I can pass on my Knowledge from the Kitchen floor. I have set up labour structures, staff matrixes, contracts, interviewed, brought in Suppliers, costing, menu planned, safe systems at work, risk assessments introduced new product ranges. I am able to do unit paperwork as I get to do it during relief work. I have had training in Personnel Presentation, Safe Systems, Risk assessment and Coaching for success. I did this job for 12 months and I had achieved the most important part of this job, gaining the trust and respect of my senior Managers including Our CEO and more importantly my Colleagues.

2002-2004 Campboss T47 oilrig Kazakhstan Caspian Sea

I was responsible for setting up the safety and Hygiene systems and running the day to day work on the rig. Having to learn Basic Russian along the way as all staff spoke very little English. I was responsible for the ordering, budgeting and the dietary content of all meals prepared. Also during that time we had to train the local staff in the food hygiene and other safety issues. The region throws up various challenges to us through weather and lack of supplies through transport problems and custom problems so menus had to be organized accordingly.

2004- Present day Camp boss Dada Gorgud oilrig Azerbaijan

Responsible as above with a whole new culture to learn and understand, also dealing with the problems associated with Stacking the rig and down manning, Staffing and Discipline, crew changes and budgeting. I now feel after nearly 7 years working as a camp boss I can provide the type of service any client would be pleased with and temper my style to meet any client’s requirements. I have worked on six rigs now. I have been training Local staff to take over the duties of Camp Boss.

Responsible for the catering, laundry and Cleaning services on Shah Deniz Platform also training Local Camp bosses. Direct Liaison with the client in all matters relating to the fixtures and fittings and organizing purchase of any item required for the Accommodation unit. This was very challenging as it was direct day to day contact with a very awkward client whom I received a glowing reference from at the end of the project.

Responsible for running the Catering department and the cleaning services on a very old oilrig bringing the staff and the standards up to where our company and our clients require. Interesting rig as we can have as many as 36 nationalities onboard at one time.

I am always trying to advance my Managerial Skills by taking a keen interest in rig Business, I am an active part of the welfare and safety culture on board and also take interest in the scope of the job the client is doing so that I can be of more use to my Client. I have managed to make a lot of friends and contacts within BP company whilst working in this Area as well as making good relations with the local workforce.


There are 4 major achievements with which I am very proud they are:

1) The feeding of a multi-national and multi- cultural clientele at the Edinburgh Tattoo for 3 years running, getting to know different styles and customs whilst producing 1000- 1500 meals a day.

2) The feeding of various members of our Royal family including Prince Charles and Princess Anne also feeding royalty from other countries in the Middle East. I have also catered for politicians and President Reagan of America.

3) Doing the refurbishment at QVC in London where I took on the project as Project Manager setting up contracts, staff matrix’s, planning, training, sourcing of suppliers, menu planning, interviewing and much more seeing the project through to completion even without a Operations Manager.

4) Going offshore to Kazakhstan and learning a complete new way of running a unit catering for massively different nationalities and catering needs. Also moving to Azerbyjan and continuing to learn and to Train Locals. Also learning Local Customs and Language. Learning about the working of the Oil & Gas Industry from Professionals building up a lot of contacts along the way


St Joseph’s College Dumfries 5 0’ Levels 1978


B3 military catering trade test 1979

B2 military trade test 1980

City & guilds 706/1 1980

First aid 1979-1995

Lifting and Handling Course 1994

Stress management course 1995

Basic food Hygiene course 1980-1999

Intermediate food Hygiene course 1999-2001

ARAMARK Coaching skills course 1999

ARAMARK Health and Safety course 2000

ARAMARK Risk Assessment course 2000

ARAMARK Personnel Presentation course 2000

Interviewing Skills Course 1994

Offshore survival training 2009

H2S and Fire fighting 2004


Management, Catering, Budgeting, Training


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