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Boatswain's Mate Second Class


Seeking a career in a management position


Train and direct teams of up to 25 cross-functional support personnel handling the full range of shipboard deck operations on a U.S. Navy destroyer. Supervise the operation, upkeep and maintenance of all deck spaces and machinery. Directed teams in the performance of thousands of equipment preventive maintenance checks and service work orders. Plan and orchestrate numerous daily projects involving work order writing, tools, parts and supplies preparation, work tasking to appropriate crewmen, and “over-the-shoulder” coaching and quality assurance to ensure optimal outcomes. Orchestrated completion of myriad sea and anchor details, ship’s moorings, at-sea replenishments (UNREP / VERTREP), and helicopter landings. Personally trained and qualified UNREP Rig Captains, Flight Deck Crewmen, and Aircraft Landing Signalmen. Perform scores of small boat operations to support Force Protection Training. Fulfill collateral responsibilities of Divisional Safety Program Administrator, Divisional School Coordinator, Respiratory Protection Manager, and member of ship’s Command Assessment Team and Safety Training Team.



College Courses: Skills For Learning In An Information Age and Effective and Persuasive Writing, June 2006


Graduated 1996


U.S. Navy Hazardous Material Control Management Technician – NEC-9595

U.S. Navy Shipboard Deck Operations Safety Technician – NEC-9571


Seasoned seamanship and deck operations professional with in-depth experience in all facets of operations including mooring, anchoring, material/cargo handling, UNREP/VERTREP, small boat operations, deck crane and davit operations, helm and navigation, fueling/de-fueling evolutions, drills, hazardous materials management/cleanup, and team leadership essentials.

Experienced supervisor and team trainer with over 7 years leadership over cross-functional teams of up to 25 personnel. Employ current methods in motivation, safety monitoring, quality assurance, emergent problem-solving, and esprit d' corps to build cohesive, productive and energetic deck personnel. Culminated Naval tour with responsibilities at the Chief Petty Officer level, with myriad collateral duties. Consistently lauded for team building acumen and hands-on management approach to generate work force cohesiveness.


Available in July 2008. Good Health. Very Mobile. Willing to travel and/or relocate.

Awarded the coveted Navy Achievement Medal in FY2000 and FY2005 for outstanding performance.

References and salary history furnished upon request.

Chesapeake, VA,
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