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Superintendent / Foreman

I am interested in the work as a Barge Master /Marine Superintendent with experience as Barge Mover on deep maintenance working accommodation barges with 8 point mooring system. My present company for the moment is ongoing reorganisation,will not longer maintain the whole fleet. last few years I have been as Barge Master (location Africa Nigeria) Accommodation Barge 350 POB. Work rotation 60/60 Client –TOTAL.Barge superintendent on Accommodation Barge 400POB.Chevron Contractor Angola . I've spent also two year on  disassembly of two barges, i.e. we have removed the superstructure and we've made a Dump barge. I have also worked as Ovid inspector for my company, i.e. I was examining the barges we were renting. I was managing for half a year as superintendent the assembly of the new accommodation barge which we are making in China, from the superstructure to the deck bridge. The rest of the time I was working as Master when was necessary, or superintendent, when the client asked for. Now if you are still interested in me and if I still can help, I'd like discuss with you about work .From my CV you can see my work experience.  I have one year valid visa for Nigeria.


 I have also Offshore Installation Manager (O.I.M. Certificate )plus Barge Superintendent, plus Stability &Ballast Control Room Certificate .Consequently I got tree additional Certificates in Off shore Installation /Construction. This certificates is recognized by all licensing organs in the Marine offshore field, as  Liberia, Panama ,Bahamas just to mention a few. This certifications in accordance with regulation 1/10 of the international convention on standards of training, certification and watch keeping for seafarers 1978 as amended..Please check my CV and if you have offer for me please contact me through the my email or contact phone +385911188003.

Best Regards,

O.I.M./Barge Master

Cifrek Jadran


  • Master degree
    Maritime at Pomorska skola Rijeka
kastav, rijeka,
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