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Barge Master


I’ve worked as Master on board different types of vessels operating in offshore oil and gas industry, such as: straight supply, rig move, towing, anchor handling, dive support, 4 points mooring, construction and maintenance operations.

I’ve been assigned in different oil field areas like, the Middle East.


Recently barge master in (MOP) Maridive Offshore Projects (2300 ton).

Tug mate of salvage tug 3000 hp (500 ton).

Harbor master of Alexandria naval base for security & safety.

Harbor master of Matrouh naval base for security & safety.

Captain of fast patrol boat (jet propeller) (100 ton) received, operate, train & intermediate maintenance.

Sailing with research vessel (Geo Baltic) was conducting 3d seismic survey off Alexandria shore.

Captain of patrol boat (130 ton) in naval academy for training the cadet (maneuvering & handling).

Chief Officer in Alba sailing yacht (Atlantic 55).

Chief Officer in VIP yacht in Sharm el sheikh (120 ton).

Captain of swift patrol boat (77 ton).

Captain of Temsah patrol boat (95 ton).

Chief Officer of Temsah patrol boat (95 ton).

Chief Officer of De Castro patrol boat (120 ton).


-Master in international transport &logistics Arab academy of science &Technology.

- Master ticket certificate February 2001.

- 1st mate navigation august 1996.

- 2nd mate navigation July 1992.

- of marine science, Naval College Alexandria, 1992.

-High school, Saint Marc. Alexandria (1972- 1987).


1. Proficiency in survival crafts & rescue boats.

2. Personal survival & social responsibilities.

3. Ship security officer in accordance with IMO.

4. I. c. for the security of the ships & port facilities.

5. Advanced medical care studies.

6. Advanced personal safety (technique & search & rescue).

7. Radar simulator.

8. Marine radar & automatic radar plotting aids.

9.Advanced communications.

10. Prevention & combating of marine pollution.

11. Ship handling & maneuvering. 12. Advanced in fire prevention &fire fighting.

13. Operation of electronic navigational aids. 14. Port security officer.

15. Naval maps correction, naval cadastral branch.

16. G.O.C area (A1, A2.A3,A4).

17. Psychological affairs ministry of defense.

18. Raising officers, achievement course M.A. for management & science (country development for war branch).

19. Science of archives, reservation & techniques for using archives committee of military research.

20. Chemical warfare specialization (C.W. administration )

21. International military. Morocco

22. Jet forty-two coastal patrol craft operations & familiarization, M Rosenblatt & son INC. USA

23. Jet coastal patrol craft intermediate level maintenance. USA

24. Passenger & RO-ROs:

Certificate of crisis management &human behavior.

Certificate of passenger safety, cargo safety & hull integrity.

Certificate of familiarization.

Certificate of crowd management.


Computer skills

Adobe: (reader, Photoshop & in design).

Office: (word, power point, outlook, publisher &one note).

Windows: XP & vista.

Assembling Computers.

fiber Glass Work ( good )


Seaman’s Book #: 149205.

Master Certificate of Competency &Endorsement #: 4730.

Passport #: 1890936.

Good written & spoken : English,French and Arabic

Los angeles, CA,
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