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Ballast Control Operator



Ballast Control Operator-Caspian Drilling Company                   July 2019 – Present

  • Ballasting and de-ballasting of the Rig, make a stability calculation, weather observation, monitor fire and gas control panel, control and assist PTW system, skid rig and rig move operation and etc.

MI SWACO a Schlumberger Company-Baku, Azerbaijan

Filtration Supervisor- Wellbore Productivity                                        January 2018-July 2019

  • Collate project information and generate filtration reports
  • Conduct job safety analysis of job site
  • Generate end of well filtration clean up report
  • Manage inventory and availability of completion fluid products and chemical products
  • Review and comment on RWI (Rig Work Instruction) and displacement procedure
  • Collect fluid samples from well returns and analyses
  • Interpret fluid analysis results in order to confirm fluid specifications
  • Operate and monitor effectiveness of filtration equipment
  • Resolve equipment mechanical problems and fluid quality problems
  • Review hole volumes, pit volumes and planned pump rate in order to determine minimum flow rate through filtration package

MI SWACO a Schlumberger Company-Baku, Azerbaijan

Tool Engineer-Wellbore Productivity                                                      January 2015-January 2018

  • Running down hole tools of various types including, Riser cleaning tools, BOP cleaning tools, Casing cleaning tools, Circulation tools, Customized tools, Debris recovery tools, Liner- top test tools, Ancilarity tools and etc.
  • Preparing BHA’s, calculating tallies etc. in the field
  • Dealing with contractor’s representative offshore
  • Preparing post job reports and all relevant paperworks
  • Attending in contractor’s end of Well meeting

MI SWACO a Schlumberger Company-Baku, Azerbaijan

Filtration Engineer-Wellbore Productivity                    September 2014-January 2015

  • Provides onsite services by measuring, testing, and supervising the running of fluid and pumping, including technical analysis and specific recommendations for controlling fluid properties.
  • Make recommendations concerning solids control processes to ensure the equipment is optimized for economic solids removal.
  • Maintain environmental discharge and consumption records as required by legislation or client.
  • Comply with company and customer health and safety procedures.
  • Follow daily reporting processes and procedures.
  • Monitor daily completion operations to reduce or eliminate problems associated with filtrated Brine/Base Oil/Sea Water solid free.

Ensco-Angola/West Africa.

Dynamic Positioning Operator-DS-1                                               December 2013-September 2014

  • Know principles of DP operations, practical operation of the DP control system, thruster’s performance, failure modes, and operation, wind sensors, VRS, and other peripheral equipment
  • Assist with running and maintaining records for hydrophones and Subsea beacons
  • Operate sheep’s radars as required
  • Monitor all DP room alarms including DP system, VMS, PME, Fire & Gas; Prioritize alarm response as necessary to maintain DP system operability by calling for technical assistance
  • Possess a basic understanding of WSOG, drilling operations and well control, drift-off calculations, and riser analysis


Ensco-Angola/West Africa. Kizomba Management Contract, FPSO

Ballast Control Operator with Marine and Production Engineering Duties/Oil and Gas Drilling and Production                                                                                           July 2011 –December 2013

  • Operating control room mechanisms and instrumentation, ensuring proper position, draught, and trim of the rig during changes in variable load, routine operations, such as drilling, skidding, mooring, towing and during emergency and heavy weather conditions.
  • Operates ballast control panel, including primary and emergency bilge pumping, cooling water, fire systems, alarm systems, etc.
  • Operate the process of all topside and subsea systems safely and efficiently from the Central Control Room of Drilling & Production Oil Platform-TLP type Offshore
  • Responsible for production related systems operation and repairs
  • Report Production related tasks to the Client and OIM
  • On FPSO CCR request, perform operations of the noted facilities and systems
  • To start up, control, monitor and shut down these subsystems, to maintain safe operations, and achieve production targets.

Chirag Oil Project – West Chirag Production, Drilling and Quarters Platform (WC-PDQ)         

Production Engineer – ATA, Baku-Azerbaijan                          November 2010 – July 2011

  • Responsible for resolving manufacturing issues and working as a liaison between operations and engineering to achieve daily production targets. 
  • Support production units with daily troubleshooting or production or quality problems
  • Drive health, safety and environmental (HSE) improvements through the unit operations; lead and implement actions to advance safety and environmental performance and awareness.
  • Lead improvement teams utilizing the Honeywell Operating System tools to implement improvement
  • Support capital improvement project implementations

Global Santafe/Transocean                                                  August 2000 – November 2010

Ballast Control Operator-Angola/West Africa                               September 2007 – November 2010


  • Operation, monitoring, testing, maintenance and repair of process equipment and safety devices and system from wellhead to sales line
  • Monitor and maintain process parameters (level, flow, temperature, pressure) within operating requirements
  • Sampling and testing of process and utility fluids
  • Calculate daily rates of process fluids
  • Troubleshoot to maximize sales quality and delivery volume
  • Monitor and operate electrical hydraulic control panels, safely and emergency shutdown devices

  Barge Engineer-Caspian Drilling Company                    March 2006 – September 2007

  • Understanding marine business/Understanding major International Maritime Organization (IMO) conventions (SOLAS, ISM, ISPS, MARPOL)/Skillful
  • Maintain rig stability and water-tight integrity
  • Ballasting and de-ballasting of rig in emergency situations
  • Monitoring Power Management and Data Management System (DMS) and system alarms
  • Inspection, maintain, test and arrange makeup of anchor handling and mooring equipment rigs as required for rig move operations
  • Skid rig and rig moves
  • Preparation and distribution of weekly and monthly reports
  • Supervise all Marine personal, all cargo transfers, and loading compensation.
  • Responsible for operation, maintenance, and repair of all MODU marine and safety related systems.

Ballast Control Operator- Caspian Drilling Company      November 2004 – March 2006

  • Ballast and de-ballast the rig as requirement to maintain station
  • Monitor ballast controls and related instrumentation.
  • Monitor location of supply vessels, standby boats and helicopters
  • Record reports pertaining to stability, boat and helicopter movements, safety drills and rig activities in the daily logbook.

Assistant Ballast Control Operator- Caspian Drilling Company   Feb. 2002 – Nov. 2004

  • Operate and monitor ballast system
  • Monitor and maintain rig stability
  • Monitor weather conditions, fire alarms and gas detection alarms
  • Daily stability calculations
  • Control of volume of tanks and pits

Roustabout- Caspian Drilling Company                            May 2001 – February 2002

  • Comply with Caspian Drilling code of conduct and supporting policies, standard and applicable process documentation
  • Prepare cargo for lift by attaching slings through shackles or other devices 
  • Care and maintenance of vessel machinery, equipment, tools
  • Operate air hoists, hydraulic hoists, chain hoists and other cargo handling gear

Painter- Caspian Drilling Company                                    August 2000 – May 2001

  • Paint and sandblast metal components such as hyperbaric chamber, volume tanks, steel skids, heavy equipment, engines and compressors using spray gun and sandblasting equipment
  • Clean grease, dirt, dried concrete, old paint and rust from equipment
  • Preparation of steel work; needle gunning and buffing
  • Housekeeping of decks

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction- Baku, Azerbaijan                                                                            

Assistant to Teacher                                                                                September 1998- August 2000

  • Review of civil/architectural drawings
  • Preparation of Statement of Requirement
  • Approval of excavation work permits
  • Prepare exception of completion
  • Preparing detail engineering design, technical specification, drawings, detailed scope of work, bill of quantities
  • Calculation of carrying capacity and seismic stability of buildings
  • Quality testing of building material
  • Accumulation of data for submission of monthly reports.



Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (Bachelor Degree) 1993 – 1997

Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry (Master Degree)-2014, Oil Gas Engineer (Development of Oil and Gas Field)

Training, Certificates and Licenses:

  • Wellbore Cleanup Tools Rigsite Theory and Application Main-UK
  • Well Commander Training Course-UK
  • A Primer of Oilwell Service, Workover and Completion
  • Well Integrity Level 1- HSE
  • Drill String overview
  • Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, Heavy Wall Drill Pipe
  • Stuck Pipe- IT Modules DF
  • Fundamentals of Stuck Pipe Prevention
  • Downhole Hydraulics-WS-IT Module-IT Modules Basic
  • Bit Hydraulics
  • Introduction to Drill Bits
  • Basic-Lost Circulation
  • Full Course in Well Control
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Basic Problem Solving
  • Filtration Operation and Maintenance
  • Barge Supervisor license- UK and Vanuatu Endorsed
  • General Operator-UK and Vanuatu Endorsed
  • GMDSS- UK and Vanuatu Endorsed (Global Maritime Distress and Safety Signal)
  • Dynamic Positioning Induction/Basic-ACET UK
  • Dynamic positioning Simulator/Advanced-Stability 3-ACET UK
  • Offshore lifeboat coxswain
  • First aid training
  • Stability and ballast control for’’Mobile Offshore Drilling Units’’
  • Seaman vocational training module
  • Basic Offshore Survival Induction and Emergency Training
  • Further offshore emergency training (Including HUET & EBS)- Petrofac Training Service UK
  • STCW 95 (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 95)- Petrofac Training Service UK
  • Initial Training for Shipboard Operations-Petrofac Training Service UK
  • FRC (Fast Rescue Craft) Operator
  • Fire Team Emergency Response, Fire team member, Fire team leader
  • Safety focus 1, 2 and 3
  • SML (Safety management leadership training)
  • ASA (Advanced safety audit training)
  • RMS II (Rig management system II)
  • JRA (Job risk assessment training)
  • PTW (Permit to work training), Performing & Issuing authority
  • Lock out tag out
  • Spills happen / Spill prevention
  • Hazard Communication
  • Respiratory protection
  • Confine space tester / Confined space entry
  • Fall protection training
  • Pressure Testing Awareness
  • Total Environmental Awareness Management

Personal Details

Married, three daughters 

D.O.B. 06th August 1975

Age 43

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