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Auditor, Mate, Tankerman

Superintendent / Foreman

Licenses & Qualifications

1600 Ton Master 3000 Ton International, Near Coastal, Master of Towing Endorsement, OICNW & RFPNW, STCW class II/1; II/2; II/3; II/4; II/5; IV/2; VI/1; VI/1 VI/2; VI/3; VI/4 & VI/6 with Bridge Resource Management, Advanced Firefighting, Unlimited Radar, ARPA, GMDSS. Advanced Tankerman PIC Oil Barge, Advanced Tankerman PIC Chemical Barge & Advanced Tankerman PIC Liquefied Gas Barge. HAZWOPER, A/B Unlimited with Lifeboat / Life raft, Vessel Security Officer, Medical Care Provider, Visual Communication (Flashing Light), Vessel Security Awareness, VPDSD, Train the Trainer, FCC Amateur Radio (HAM) General class licenses.

Marley Marine Gulf

Division of Harley Marine Services

319 Lakeside Drive Channelview, TX 77530

March 3, 2014 – Present

Marine Superintendent

I oversee the day to day operation of HMG Offshore fleet, currently consisting of two wire towing units and two ATB units, and several offshore barges. I act as the Port Captain for the Tug, along with managing operations for the barge operation and cargo along with day to day crewing issues.

  •        I have cultivated a relationship between HMG and Apex Oil of St Louis, MO. And now manage the day to day operations of Apex Oils Ocean going equipment.
  •        I have been responsible for overseeing the rebuilding of the Ocean going tugs Brooklyn and the Atlantic along with supervision over the construction of new 80,000 bbl. Clean oil barges for Apex Oil  
  •        I was also responsible for the development and management of HMG ATB Fleet Operation Manual
  •        Conduct Pre SIRE audits 60 days before the official SIRE audit are due on their Offshore and Inland tugs and barges.
  •        Conduct vessel visits ahead of ABS & USCG to assure that the equipment does not have any outstanding deficiencies.
  •        Conduct Tankerman Audits, HQSE Audits & SMS Audits on behalf of HMG.
  •        Conduct vetting on dock and facilities that HMG has never had an inland or offshore at before.
  •        I have hands-on involvement with “specialty” projects from providing hands-on support for salvage operations of the ocean-going barge Investigator in Tuktoyaktuk, Canada to dead ship tows 
  •        I am accustomed to being away from home for the extended amount of time, from Oct 2016 – Oct 2017 I was on the road 310 out of 365 days.

USA Marine Consulting

324 Orchard Drive

Lenoir City, TN 37772

Oct 12 2015 – Present (part-time)


USA Marine Consulting focusses on conducting ‘ride along’ Navigation Assessments / Audits of Western River & Near Coastal Maritime vessels. The primary purpose is to verify through a “third party” observation of the operations and navigation skills of wheelhouse maritime officers in “their” real world environment.

Hornbeck Offshore

103 Northpark Boulevard, Suite 300

Covington, LA 70433

(985) 727-2000

July 8, 2013 – March 1, 2014

  • I have sailed as a Barge Mate assisting with the Tug & Barge division to help identify cargo contamination  issues until the tow  was sold to Geneses Marine
  • I was tasked with helping to assure a smooth transition from Hornbeck crew members over to Genesis Marine personnel.
  • After assisting on the Hornbeck’s side of the handover, I was reassigned to the OSV Fleet of Hornbeck
  • For several months I worked as a “Mate in Training” learning the Dynamic Position operating system on their Offshore Supply Vessels.

OSG Ship Management, INC

302 Knights Run Ave., Suite 1200

Tampa, FL 33602

(813) 209-0600

September 1, 2011 – July 3, 2013

Sailing as 2nd Mate (Cargo Mate) on the ATB OSG Navigator pushing a 252 thousand barrel clean oil unit,

  • While in port, acting as the Person in Charge (PIC) of cargo operations for the vessel security and Pollution Control
  • Continuously assuring that my unit is ready for an ISO/ISM, ABS, USCG, or Potential Charter’s audit, vetting or
  • Inspection at anytime
  • Responsible for devolving load & discharge plans for up to four different cargos on one voyage
  • Cargo Max computer software for Cargo stowage and ballast requirements to calculate vessel stability for safe
  • passage.
  • ABS’s NS5 system for vessel management.  
  • Air Products Inert Gas Generator system.
  • Assuring that all maintenance is completed on schedule
  • While underway I am responsible for standing a Navigational Watch on the bridge
  • the unit was trading mainly on the East Coast & Gulf of Mexico regions.

Team Services LLC

PO Box 86480

Baton Rouge, LA

(225) 771-8404

March 1, 2010 – August 30, 2011

Manager of Operations for a Shore Tankerman Service operating in Houston Texas and Western Louisiana

  • Professional skill development of marine personnel including recruitment, training & evaluating marine
  • Personnel
  • Develop and administer operating & cost control procedures, preparing and maintaining budget
  • Overseeing operations involving Heater Barges, Black Oils, and Clean Products, Loading and Discharging under
  • Vapor Recovery, Dangerous Liquids, Waxes, Lube Oils, and Poisons.
  • Scheduling and monitoring assignments.
  • Supervised Benzene and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) program for our employees and customer. Perform incident
  • Investigations manage company safety program, Assure accident & spill free operations
  • For out of the ordinary processes; I handle writing and overseeing the Load or Discharge plans for Split or
  • Multiple cargos Lightering plans.
  • Act as the liaison between my employees, facilities, vessel owners, and U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Upon request, I would examine the customer’s equipment’s for upcoming ISO/ISM Audits & Vetting, along with  SMS requirements for Sub Chapter M.

Crowley Petroleum Service

Seattle, Washington

July 2006 – Jan 2010

Marine Superintendent

  • Identifies and recommend modifications and improvements in all phases of ATB Operations. From Managers to Crews, Recruitment, training and safe navigation of the units.
  • Provide operational oversight to ATB operations on a daily basis communicating with Masters and senior deck offices to support the safe and efficient service of the ATB
  • Make recommendations to operations manuals for new build ATB’s and existing ATB Fleets as required
  • Contact liaison with all Major Oil Corporations surrounding Vetting Inspections and Port Clearance related issues.
  • Monitor vessel compliance to Safety, Quality, and Environmental Policy
  • Participate and prepare ATB’s in ISO/ISM audits, security audits and Emergency response drills exercises
  • Contact liaison with Time Chartered and Voyage Chartered customers in relations to ATB performance and operations
  • Liaison with Major Oil Corporation marine terminal representative’s surrounding cargo operations
  • Attend vessels to monitor maintenance, equipment functionality and observe training/development of crews
  • Participate in incident response, investigation, occurrence reporting and corrective action
  • Monitor of the safe and efficient cargo transfer operations on all assigned vessels
  • Lightering Specialist

Allied Transportation Industries

PO Box 717

Norfolk, VA 23501

800 446-8241

May 2004 – July 2006

Chief Mate / 2nd Mate on an ATB unit “Sea Raven” from South Texas up to the East Coast.

  • The unit was pushing a 185,000 BBL Double Skin chemical tank barge the “ATC23”.
  • Doing load/discharges plans, along with ballast system.
  • I was responsible for maintenance, training, and care of the barge and its equipment.
  • On the Tug, I am responsible for conducting safety, fire & security drills.
  • Along with standing a 4 & 8 Navigation Watch
  • I have sailed from Southwest Pass up the Mississippi River as far as Baton Rouge also many voyages from Galveston up the Houston Ship Channel as far as the City docks at the 610 bridge. 

Sirius Maritime

309 S Cloverdale

Seattle, WA

(206) 267-1542

Sept. 2002 to May 2004

Floating Lead Tankerman / Mate at Sirius

  • I was qualified to work as Lead Tankerman on any of their 80,000 BBL split cargo barges
  • Eligible to stand watchers as first or second mate on any of the company Ocean going tugs.
  • I have worked runs going from San Francisco to L.A. hauling Ethanol, Seattle, WA to Portland, OR moving DF#2 & RUL and
  • have spent up to five months hauling four different cargos of petroleum at one time around the Bering Sea, Inside passages of southern Alaska. 

Lenoir City, Tennessee,
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