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Associate Marine Engineer


I am seeking a challenging and growth oriented position in an organization where I would be able to implement my acquired skills in an effective positive manner to meet new challenges and to gain further knowledge in related field.


Seventeen years experience as motorman/oiler and has served on board in different foreign vessels manned by shipping companies in the Philippines.

? March 1998 to February 2008 - Motorman- Seal International Shipping Agency now known as Pearl Grace Shipmanagement Inc. with its principal NAESS Shipping (Holland) B.V. and Delta International Shipping Co. S.A.(Athens, Greece).

Job Profile and Responsibilities:

• Performs activities that involve the transfer of oil and sludge, sewage treatment plant and sewage pumps and ejectors.

• Responsible for the preventive, cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of all engines on board.

• Handles minor repairs of specific parts of the engine and fuel, water and air supply equipment to prevent downtime and ensure the continual and operative functioning of this system.

• Assist in some tasks in the areas of generator, electrical systems, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, ventilation systems.

• Assist engineers as needed.

• Perform related works that may be assigned by the engineer on duty.

? March 1984 to December 1992 - Oiler - Rizal International Shipping Services

Job Profile and Responsibilities:

• Lubricates moving components of the engines and their auxiliary equipment.

• Monitors and controls indicators and gauges of temperature, pressure, conditions of the systems and oil level.

• Performs specific mechanical operations such as transferring oil, fuel and other fluids.

• Assist in different works in the engine room such as maintenance and minor repairs.

• Perform related works that may be assigned by the

engineer on duty.

Seven years experience in clerical and administrative work in the Philippines.

? January 1993 to February 1998 – Liaison Officer-Rizal International Shipping Services

Job Profile and Responsibilities:

• Assist in the orientation and mandatory training for new seaman.

• Responsible for keeping and filing of confidential files for documents regarding contract negotiations.

• Coordinate with the government agencies regarding policies, procedures and requirements of staff for international travel.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

? May 1981 to February 1984 - Assistant Supervisor (Maintenance Department) - Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Job Profile and Responsibilities:

• Assists to assign tasks and supervises senior maintenance repairer.

• Makes independent technical decisions on routine day-to-day tasks.

• Performs related tasks that may be given by the supervisor.

? January 1980 to April 1981 - Timekeeper - Gonzales Construction LLC

Job Profile and Responsibilities:

• Keeps records of the hours of attendance of employees.

• Assist in the preparation of payroll of construction workers.

• Reports scheduled leaves, absences and excuses availed by workers.


Associate in Marine Engineering (AME)

Philippine Maritime Institute ( PMI ) Colleges



Seminars and Trainings Attended:

• Basic Safety Course Comprising of Firefighting, Medical Emergency and Personal Survival - 14 July to 19 July 1997

• Ratings Forming Part of Engine Watch (Engine Watch keeping for Ratings) -

25 August to 29 August 1997

• Personal Safety And Social Responsibilities - 8 September to 12 September 1997

• Human Relationships - 22 September to 24 September 1997

• Prevention of Alcohol And Drugs in the Maritime Sectors (PADAMS)

25September to 26 September 1997

• English Language (Maritime English for Ratings) - 30 October to 07 November 1997

• General Tanker Familiarization - 08 November to 17 November 1997

• MARPOL 73/78 Annex II - 17 February to 19 February 1998

• MARPOL 73/78 Annex I - 25 February to 02 March 1998

• Shore-Based Fire Fighting - 16 August to 18 August 2000

• Basic Safety Training And Instruction in Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid and Personal Safety and Social Responsibility - 02 March 2002

• Duties and Responsibilities Related to Cargo or Cargo Equipment on Tankers-

02 March 2002

• Briefing on Subjects of Maritime Safety, Marine Pollution, OPA 90, M.O.U., OCIMF, QA Management Requirements - 13 March 2007

• Computer-Based Safety Management System - 14 March 2007


Knowledge in word processing, excel and internet.


STCW 1995 indicated until March 17, 2011

Seaman Book Number B314216 valid until February 12, 2011

Abu Dhabi,
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