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Assistant Navigator / Electronics Technician / Instructor


Proven Leader with a 20-Year Naval Career.

Certified Group Paced Instructor.

Navigation Equipment Maintenance Technician.

Certified Assistant Navigator.

Coast Guard Certified Voyage Management System Operator.

Held Top Secret / SCI Security Clearance.

Able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook.


Assistant Navigator on two Submarines.

Coordinated ship’s safe navigation by developing complex navigation and operational plans. Identified objectives to meet ship’s mission and implemented the training and planning to ensure success. Led the division to an exceptional state of readiness and profiency. Meticulously maintained charts and technical manuals. Provided training guidance, counseling and evaluation to 8 technicians, Junior Officers and Officers of the Deck.

Instructor, Curriculum Developer

Instrumental in developing the course to train the next generation of operators and technicians on the Virginia class RADAR. Developed the revision of instruction to include an in-depth class to teach the operation of the BPS-15H RADAR system and Voyage Management System to new ET's and Junior Officers, Department Heads, Perspective Executive Officers and Perspective Commanding Officers, and Pre-oversea movements for numerous Submarines ready to depart on deployments. Routinely held briefings and tours to high-ranking visitors. Held the lowest attrition rate in the code. Noted as the "GO TO GUY" for RADAR imployment.

U.S. NAVY Submarine Qualified Electronics Technician.

Completed the Submarine Navigation Maintenance (14NM) Course



Trident Navigation Operator, Kings Bay, GA

Submarine navigation equipment, theory, and procedures employed in both restricted and open-ocean conditions, including inertial, sonar, and global positioning applications.


Pre-Electronics Technician Training, Groton, CT

Solving AC and DC electronic circuitry involving resistance, voltage, current, capacitance, and inductance. Applied basic skills in solid-state electronics, power supplies, servo-control circuits, and basic electronic communications circuits.


NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) AN/WRN-6(V) Combined Maintenance, Groton, CT

Described global positioning theory, operate a specific GPS receiver, and perform operator maintenance on the receiver.


Radar AN/BPS-15 / AN/BPS15H Voyage Management System Combined Maintenance, Groton, CT

Provided instruction on the operation and maintenance of an installed submarine radar system.


Electrically Suspended Gyro Navigation Maintenance, Groton, CT

Repaired and maintained the electrically suspended gyro navigator (ESGN) and ring laser gyro navigator (RLGN)


Senior Navigation, Groton, CT

Skilled in movement procedures, operational schedules, patrol orders, and rules of the road.


Interior Communications Maintenance, Groton, CT

Performed preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance on the indicator drive unit, the servo-transistors, amplifiers, and a gyro compass sets.


Group Paced Instructor, Groton, CT

Delivered lectures employing effective questioning, chalkboard, and communications techniques; delivered instruction employing demonstrative strategies; operating an overhead projector and video cassette system; knowledgeable of instructor guides, workbooks, computerized reporting systems, evaluation, and participant materials; and developing learning outcomes for a topic


Second Class Petty Officer Leadership, Groton, CT

Identified basic principles of leadership including the use oral and written communications in professional relationships; the role of motivation, empowerment, and counseling in development of subordinates; and ways to manage human resources, teams, and stress to create a quality organizational climate.


First Class Petty Officer Leadership, Groton, CT

Identified basic principles of leadership including the use oral and written communication in professional relationships; the role of motivation, empowerment, and counseling in subordinate development; ways to manage human resources, teams, and stress to create a quality organizational climate.


Prospective Submarine Assistant Navigator, Groton, CT

Supervised navigation teams in piloting and submerged operations in restricted and open water navigation; conducted nautical computations and advised the Navigator; prepare and maintain navigational logs and records; and utilize electronic and celestial navigation techniques.


40-Hour Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), Sperry Marine, Charlottesville, VA 2002 to 2002


* Electronics Technician (Submarine) / Navigation Equipment Operator / Navigation Equipment Maintenance Technician: Performs electrical/electronic maintenance on equipment installed in submarines, Including radio equipment, navigational equipment, air detection and tracking equipment, and ESM equipment; performs maintenance on electronic equipment for submarines, electronic air detection and tracking equipment, electronic recognition and identification equipment, aids to navigation, and electronic equipment and components used for communications, cryptography, and navigation; possesses a general working knowledge of electricity and electronics. Reads and interprets schematics and block diagrams; uses test equipment and hand tools; repairs electrical/electronic cables and connectors; localizes malfunctions and Repairs or replaces faulty parts or subassemblies; operates, aligns, adjusts, calibrates, and performs preventive maintenance on equipment; inventories tools and portable test equipment; completes maintenance data forms. Maintains radar transmitting equipment, radar receiving equipment, radar identification equipment, Communications equipment, and air navigation equipment; localizes malfunctions to systems, subsystems, circuits, and parts; inventories installed equipment; completes maintenance reports; prepares weekly preventive maintenance schedules. Diagnoses, isolates, align, adjust, and calibrate electronic subsystems; Monitors maintenance quality control; maintains inventory of parts; reviews completed maintenance data forms; trains subordinates in the operation of tests on systems and subsystems.

* SSN/SSBN Assistant Navigator: At sea, acts as assistant to the Navigator for the safe navigation of the ship. Ashore, is assigned to submarine staffs to coordinate submarine routing and operations, prevent mutual interference, and ensure safety of submerged operations.

* Group Paced Instructor: Knows lesson planning, instructional strategies, selection of visual aids, and teaching skills; designs lessons from a body of content; develops behavioral objectives; prepares test items; evaluates instructional materials and the results of instruction; presents material clearly and possesses platform (teaching) skills


Awarded 3 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals

Awarded 5 Good Conduct Medals

Awarded 6 Sea Service Deployment Ribbons

Awarded Armed Forces Service Medal

Awarded Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Awarded Navy Expeditionary Medal

Awarded Navy Unit Commendation

Awarded Artic Service Medal

Awarded Global War on Terrorism Medal

Awarded Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

Awarded numerous Fleet, Group and Squadron Commendations

Pawcatuck, CT,
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