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Assistant Cook, WM-9975-7 (845)


I would like to become part of the deep sea crew as an Assistant Cook. Work very closely with the leading Mess Specialist to assist and become a team player in serving the crew with great customer service, assorted breakfast, lunch, dinner and midrats specialities great brewed coffee and bright and clean dining area to dine in and keep the sprit going as assigned by the leading MS and Supply Officer.


As of now I am a security guard for the Museume of Contemporary Art and at times attend Food service Adult Classes. Before that I worked 4 years with Lajolla Scripps Hospital as a food service worker. I continue to ensure that the food was labled. All food trash was disposed of during the meal time. Served hot foods on the line and at times stock assorted

Salads for purchase. Assisted the scullery person to wash and store food equipment. The major achievements was to work well with people and document discrepencies to make the job

better for all of us. Also my achievements is that I was very reliable and accountable. I would ask questions if I did not know. I feel I communicated very well with Supervisors and staff as my past history before I retired out of the Navy and looking forward to offer

my skills and customer service and work closely with The Merchant Sealift Command.


I have an Associate in Business Administration.


Updated Food Service Card.


Able to prepare the production of most menu items by the reciept card. Able to utilize Hobart food service equipment and clean. Keep food service clean, understand batch cooking, observe and document hot serving line, salad bar and all chill/frozen/reach-in frig. Rotate food (First-in-First-out). Decorate serving line to appeal to crew. And can take hard language as they go through the line and be very tolorable.


I am a team player and I want to have an opportunity to work for the Military Sealift Command and continue to learn great skills and offer my food service ability to be part of this great organization and become an Assistant Cook (WM-9975-7 (845) position

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San Diego, CA,
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