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Air Diver


Air Diving/Commercial Diving/Supervisor/medic duties on side of diving.


• Photographic (Stills) and CCTV surveys of ships bottom for damage, paint condition, etc.

• Replacement, Inspection of Anodes

• Sealing corrosion holes with kettle patches, sandwich plates, splinter box.

• Blanking of intakes and discharges.

• Gland packing of shaft,

• Assisting during docking of vessels in floating docks and dry docks.

• Polishing propellers using hydraulic and Grinder Tools.

• Hull cleaning using one brush and multi brush hydraulically powered machinery, water jet, needle gun, pneumatic tools.

• Recompression chamber Operated whenever required.

• Use and maintenance all types diving compressor.

• Use and maintenance of all type of diving sets.


Qualification Institution Specializations

Graduation Equivalent Indian Navy Executive

Intermediate Farbisghanj College Arts (1986)

Metric Jogini High School Samiti, Patna (1984)

Leadership Course Indian Naval Ship Agrani (Coimbatore)


Professional Courses Qualified


Ship Diver - Diving School, (Indian Navy)

STCW 95 - NAMAC, Mumbai

HUET - United Marine Academy (Trust)


General harbor work:

• Removal of Marine Growth

• Video-graphic

• Search and recovery

• Water jetting

• Dredging + airlifting

• Lifting objects with Auto Marine lift bags (Enclosed & Parachute type)

• Pneumatic drilling (Various hydraulic and pneumatic tools experience)

C. Offshore diving

• Installation of Clamps – C to J level, Broco cutting

• MGR of members and Metrology of profile measurement

• Using of Hydraulic impact and water jetting

• As built survey at C – J level

• Inspections, visual and photographic of various outfall pipelines depths of up to 57m.

• Installation and Clearing of diffusers, Mud mats.

• Inspecting of Underwater pipeline, Chlorination pipe including Diffuser and Lateral Anchor, Mud Mats, Blocks.

• Operation of decompression chamber when required.

• MGR of SPM bottom and PLEM.

• Inspection of Submarine hose, PLEM, and SUTU.

• MGR and Inspection of Ships Bottom of Diving Supply vessel.

• All offshore work and CCTV surveys are done using surface supplied gear. Kirby Morgan18, 27, 37 helmets, umbilical’s, communications.


Respected Sir,

I have 23 years of experience in INDIAN NAVY and 16 years of diving experience in Indian Navy and 25 OCT - 12 NOV 2010 i qualified ERCA NDT Surface Supplied top-up Diver Class - II ( Approved by HSE \ Reconganised IMCA in INPP France. I willing to work with you, If you give me a chance I will prove that a good Diver and hard worker.

I know underwater reading and procedure :

(1) Ultrasonic thickness measurements using a pre-set digital meter.

(2) Cathotic protection assessment.

(3) Flourecent magnetic particle inspection using encircling coil technique.

(4) Close up and general visual examination.

(5) Close up stand off photography.

Iam searching up a job for AIR DIVER including above mentioned work.

Awaiting for your quick reply.

Thanking you,


Mumbai, Maharashtra,
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