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Advance Tankerman


Obtain a position with your organization where my skills and experience can be effectively utilized for increased profitability and product for safety and protection of marine environment.



§ Knowledge and able to follow all Coast Guard safety policies and procedures as well as government regulatory requirements for loading / unloading or transport.

§ Communicate effectively to ensure transfer of product is transferred properly Implement pre-transfer inspection requirements

§ Execute pre-transfer conference and the Declaration of Inspection

§ Connect cargo hoses or loading arms

§ Initiate pumping; increasing pressure appropriately to normal discharge pressure

§ Perform calculation of loading rate

§ Monitor all loadings to insure safe and environmentally proper procedure is followed

§ Secure cargo systems

§ Be able to perform minor repairs to barge equipment

§ Responsible for safe, efficient, reliable, and environmentally compliant operation of assigned area

§ Ensure compliance for any and all federal and state required documents that must accompany the barges are on board and in proper order

§ United States Marine Corps Special Forces- ten years specializing in Terrorist Intervention. And operating as en Engineer in the 1st And 2nd Assault Fuel Company


Criminal Law and Court Procedures Okinawa Japan


§ Transportation Worker Identification Credential (T.W.I.C.) - Card holder

§ Certification- Benzene Worker

§ Certification -Association of Reciprocal Safety Council

§ Certificate -Hazwoper

§ License -U.S. Merchant Marine Document

§ Letter of Appreciation for Safety - 2008 Kirby Inland Marine

§ Award- Offensive Coach of The Year


I also hold a L.G license.And I can work 90% of all barges in the Houston,Tx Ship Channel. Qualified ship representative on all ships,and vessels.


Willing to relocate,out of state ,and or over seas.

Houston, TX,
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