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Administrative Assistant (Offshore/Onshore)

Vessel Operations

Two (2) years of experience as a Barge Administrative Assistant in ARB-3 (Aramco Repair Barge III) and a contract coordinator of Hadi H. Hammam Est Company. Entirely responsible in making Timesheets, Work Schedules, Flight bookings (Airplane & Helicopter), and Vacation/Leave Requests for both the employee and contractor.

  • All secretarial/administrative and clerical jobs under the division consisting more than 100 Aramco employees and contractors.
  • Responsible for the entire timekeeping and processing of the vacation/short leave/medical appointment.
  • Online bookings of Flight Operation Systems (Airplane & Helicopter) for the employees and contractor as per work schedules.
  • Preparing weekly highlights, project reports, and daily activities including updating job status and conducting safety meeting and drills on weekly basis.
  • Updating work schedules, preparing annual vacation schedules and processing.
  • Dealing with correspondence, communication and confidential files within company and maintain filling system appropriate to department requirements.
  • Online processing of guest house bookings and transit of Employee or passengers.
  • Coordinating with contractor representative for renewal of Iqama/Passport/vacation, arranging and processing work permit test, welding test, rigger test, and scaffolding test for contractor employees.
  • Relieving on radio operator when he is in lunch break or in chopper landing operation.
  • Other work which are deemed necessary and as requested by the Barge Foreman/Superintendent, Supervisors, Employees and Contractors.
  • Self- starter to initiate steps in streaming system operation of workflow of improvement and job easiness
  • Well discipline employee that observe and complies with company’s set of Standard Operating Procedures, work policies and guidelines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills showing effectiveness in communication, self-correspondence, team work and coordination.
  • Familiar with all on line applications and procedures for the requirement of Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Preparation of material request and processing.

  • Microsoft Office 3 years by 2012
  • Operating RFID personnel tracking systems 1 years by 2014
  • Inventory Control, Verbal Communication 4 years by 2015
  • BS – Chemical Engineer
    College Level at Cebu Institute of Technology – University
    2007 - 2013
  • High School
    High School at Carnaza National High School
    2003 - 2007
  • Elementary
    Elementary at Carnaza Elementary School
    1997 - 2003
  • ARB-3 Certification of Employment May 2015
  • HUET(Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) May 2013
  • Compassion Certification of Employment Jan 2012
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) 2D and 3D Jun 2011
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