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Able Seaman Unlimited


To help promote and advance the company agenda.


1977-1978 S.U.P. one cargo ship as (O.S) 1978-2002 Military Saelift Command, sailed as O.S.,A/B Maintenence,A/B Watch and 3rd Mate unlimited, as OS I was a watch stander and worked on deck, as a A/B Maintenance I worked on deck chipping and painting, participated in underway cargo transfer, loading and unloading of cargo, on dry stores, oilers, ammunition, and survey ships. as a A/B Watch, I stood bridge, gangway security and after steering watches, as Third Mate I stood two navigational watches along with one OS, and two A/B's while underway, and in port as security officer.


GED. Long Beach city college and San Diego city college. Southern California Merchant Marine Training Services, West Coast Marine Training Center, and Divers Training Academy.


Advanced Shipboard Firefighting, Damage Control, Third Mate unlimited, Able Seaman unlimited, STCW, TWIC, Passport, Fast Rescue Boats(STCW VI/2-2), Personal Safety,

Landing Signalman (Helicopters), Pallet Truck Handling Operations, Basic First Aide


Small Boat Operations, Launching and Recovery of Helicopters, Deck Maintenance and other Merchant Marine Skills.


I'm strong, reliable, trustworthy and skilled in all phases of the every day operations of a vessel.

San Diego, CA,
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