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Able Seaman


I have been over 10 years experiences in working and long time on container ship. Job title:  Able Seaman. I've graduated from Viet Nam Maritime University with specialized control.Now, I want working with job title Able Seaman all ship.


1/- University Degree of Maritime Engineer.

2/- Hereby Certifies that 2nd Officer/2nd class.

3/- Hereby Certifies that 3rd Officer/Under 1600 RT Ship.

4/- Endorsement Of Certificate (STCW 1978).

5/- Seafarer's Training Certificate STCW 1978: (all at Viet Nam Maritime University)

     1. Radar Observation and Plotting.

     2. Watch Keeping.

     3/- Personal Survival.

     4/- First Aid.

     5/- Fire Fighting.

Fort Worth, Taxas,
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