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Able Seaman


Able Seaman (Unlimited) Looking For Schedule/ Rotation Flexibility. Eager to get on with a good company who believes

in promotion and growth from within to expand upon my 6+ years of experience working as a seaman on various deep

water supply and oiler vessels in support of the department of the navy.


Military Sealift Command July 2011 — Present

Able Seaman (Unlimited)

My current duties are but not limited to operating the shipboard cranes, and MHE equipment. To Operate the anchor

windless during anchor/maneuvering. Assist with line handling during mooring details. Manning the cargo and fuel

winches during UNREP details when on deck and to man AFT steering or navigate the ship during arrival and departures

when on watch. Perform general maintenance,repair,Sanitation and upkeep of material,equipment,and areas in the deck

department. Maintenance such as chipping,scraping,soundings,priming,painting and or/cleaning of the ships

hull,decks,superstructure,cargo gear,smoke stack,lifeboats,rescue boats and or life rafts, and emergency damage control gear.

Military Sealift Command Sept 2009 — July 2011

Ordinary Seaman

Aided and assisted the bosun and AB's on deck with day to day task. Became Familiar with general nautical

terminology, boxing the compass, navigational running lights, rules of the road, including day shapes, sound signals and

all distress signals.

Military Sealift Command May 2008 — Sept 2009


Performed general hotel service work such as food handling and Preparation, serving meals, busing tables and laundry.


Full Sail University Nov 2004 — Nov 2005

Associates Degree Earned in Recording Arts.


Able Seaman-Unlimited. Lifeboatman. Tankerman Assistant(Limited to dangerous liquid cargoes).Able Seafarer-Deck.

RFPNW. Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats. Fast Rescue Boats. Basic Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo

Operation. Advanced Firefighting. Basic Training .Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties. Security

Awareness. Underway Replenishment (UNREP) Specialist. Landing Signalman Enlisted. Joint High Speed Vessel

(JHSV) AB bridge resource management. Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) HSC Safety Training. High Voltage.

Helicopter Firefighting. Medical Certificate. First Aid. CPR/AED. Small Arms Qualified ( 9mm,shotgun,M-14). Security

Watch Member Advanced. Shipboard Reaction Team. Explosive cargo handling and stowage.


Throughout my career as a professional mariner I've had the opportunity to work on both the maintenance and bridge

watch side of the Deck Department. During several tours as an Able Seaman Maintenance outside of deck perservation

with needle guns,grinders etc, Ive worked as the shipboard carpenter where my duties included operating and overseeing

the mooring winches upon arrival and departure. Complete Monthly SAMMS (Standard Automated Material Management

System) checks where I maintained all watertight doors,general locks and lifeboat davits. Throughout assignments to 5

of the 14 available T-AKE lewis n clark class ships I've recieved previous certification on the onboard appleton Marine

Model AB extended boom crane where i would frequently load and unload cargo,etc. As the shipboard fire-marshall on

several tours I would inspect and maintain all onboard fire extinguishers, FM-200 bottles,AFFF Hose reels. Along with all

SCBA's,Fire Suits and damage control related equipment


Kennesaw, GA,
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