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Able Seaman


Looking for an able seamen position with the opportunity for advancement, i am a strong and independent worker and can handle just about any situation


I worked for Ocean Legacy operating a 50 foot lobster boat geared for feeding salmon sites, also worked for Cooks Aquaculture doing the same thing, but, while working for these companies i have gained extensive knowledge of working on and arond the ocean, from operating boom trucks, to forklifts, and various types of boats such as skiffs and skows to name a few, know how to tie the necessary types of knots, know how to use a compass and radar, also worked for Purvis Marine on the Great Lakes shipping steel coils for algoma steel, this job required the deckhand to live on the boat, while working for Purvis Marine i was a wheelman and and a dayworker, as a wheelman i learned all the commands and duties i would perform when wheeling the 350 ft Yankcanuck cargo ship, as a dayworker i did the maintenance on the boat, such as refilling the potable and non-potable water tanks, cleaning of holds and deck, painting, removing and putting on hatches for the holds, also changing crane attachments such as clams, claws, and magnets.


OSSD (82%)

Business Accoutning Diploma (3.21 G.P.A.)



Advanced Marine First Aid & CPR


Am able to perform a variety of tasks, can handle just about any situation, I am an extremely physically fit individual and with me work comes first.


Sault Ste Marie, ON,
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