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Able Body Seaman


Would like to work at sea again, and become part of a team


educated in seaman trade school/Helsingborg, Sweden

Two years work experenice on Johnson Line/ Gothenberg,Sweden

Two years works experenice on Gorthen Line/Helsingbor/Sweden

One year work experenice on Trans Alantic/Gothenboerg/Sweden

Seven years work experenice on Wallenunies Lines/Stockholm/Sweden

Seven Years Experenice on Scan Lines/Helsingborg,Sweden

Two Years work experenice Exxon Corporation/Huston Texas

Thirteen years Truck driving


One year seaman trade school/Helsingbors,sweden

Trade school for seaman in San Francisco


Current Abel Body Seaman Card


Have worked on Oil Tankers, Car Carriers, Ferry Boats,and can do all related Jobs onboard ship


Hard worker, and enjoy sea life very much. Married for 25 years and have two grown children. One a Dental Assisdant and the other has joined the navy and will go to boot camp in May, after he finishes college.

River Pines, CA,
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