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Able Bodied Seaman


To be employed in a competitive working environment that offers great opportunity for advancement and personal development as well as provide the full utilization of my skills and knowledge.



*Maintains an assigned cleaning station; Cleans, chips, scrapes, wire brushes, primes, and/or paints hull, bulkheads, decks, passageways, deck machinery, or spaces, as directed Provided satisfactory customer service through use of friendly, helpful approach and ability to understand customer needs

*Stand watch at bow or on wing of bridge to look for obstructions in path of vessel. Measure water depth. Turn wheel on bridge or use emergency equipment as directed by mate. Break out, rig, overhaul, and store cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging, and running gear. Chip rust from and paint deck or ship's structure.

*Operates vessel's small boats during launch and recovery operations, assists Bosun in ground tackle, deck winch, and crane operation.

*Performs other duties as required.

Vessel Date Gross Tonnage Year Built

M/T Maran Plato 04/23/09 – 05/01/10 79,890 Grt. Piraeus 2009

M/T Maran Antares 03/16/08 – 01/24/09 53,074 Grt Piraeus 1996

M/T Maran Sirius 02/14/07 – 11/12/07 53,074 Grt. Piraeus 1996

M/T Maran Centaurus 11/04/05 – 09/04/06 156,565 Grt. Piraeus 1995

M/T Maran Polaris 03/30/04 – 06/14/05 80,620 Grt. Piraeus 2004

M/T Maran Altair 12/07/02 – 11/12/03 53,074 Grt. Piraeus 1996

MT Maran Libra 07/03/01 - 07/14/02 153,437 Grt. Piraeus 1992


Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation BSMT


BST, Deck Watch Keeping, PSCRB, HAZMAT, Maritime English, PADAMS, MARPOL 1, MARPOL 2, SBFF, GTF, NAC.


*Self-starter individual who is able to work both independently and as a part of a team to accomplish company objectives.

* Can work under pressure


Cebu City, Philippines,
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