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A.B SEAMAN is a member of deck department including standing watch as helmsman


A.B SEAMAN is a member of deck department including standing watch as helmsman

and lookout. And able to operate the deck machinery such as the windlass or winchess while mooring or unmooring and to operate cargo gear. And also required to scale and paint decks and to sweep and wash decks .Fire fighter equipped to put out the fires, rescue people, pet,aid and assist natural disaster and provide emergency services. Deck cadet to assist the duty officer during navigation.


Thomas Shipping Corporation (Apprentice mate)May 30,2000 to June 3,2001-Philippine as Deck cadet to assist the duty officer during navigation. The Cadet is a junior trainer sailing dinghy. Country Village Hotel(Waiter)Philippines

June 15, 2001 to July 15, 2002. As Waiter my duties include preparing tables for a meal, taking customers' orders and serving drinks and food in a restaurant.

King Fahd Military Medical Complex(Fire Fighter) -KSA

July 13, 2003 to April 24, 2004 under the management major Abdullah Al dossary Director of Manpower Routine jobs first I check all equipments and tools inside the fire truck and cleaning the area of station and also l response when there is an alarm. When arriving in the site of alarm we check and search if pulse alarm or there is a fire. l also clear the helipad during landing and take off of the helicopter and prepare all the equipment for fire fighting and fire extinguisher appropriate to use. To conduct exercise twice s month about fire fighting donning of breathing apparatus and hose rolling. Port of Fujurah(Able Seaman) October 19, 2004 to April 26, 2006- UAE. Daily routine jobs such as washing the deck, cheaping, the rust area, scaling does areas that are finish cheaping. After that I apply the premier paint twice and then final paint. We also clean the bridge and accommodation of the tug. And also maneuver the tug during navigation. We also splice the rope when there is damages. During assisting a ship berthing or unearthing. We are responsible sending the ropes to the ship either pushing and pulling or towing ropes. After the operation we also collect our ropes and arrange orderly. We also conduct training and exercise regarding fire fighting and pollution twice a month. Now l currently working in JAN DE NOL an offshore dredging ship. I finish 3 contracts with them.


College : Medina College Physical Therapy (undergraduate)1994-1997

Cagayan Capitol College(BS Marine Transportation(graduate)1998-1999.Certification of good moral conduct issued 17th of june 1999 by Eleanor Yap Buod-PD Guidance councilor.


1. HASMAT#2006-1965 = Dec 19, 2006 - Dec 22, 2006 = ALFREDO HABOC = MAKATI CITY

2. PSCRB=#329-12065416= Dec 13, 2006 - Dec 16, 2006 = ILDEFONSO MEDEL = ERMITA, MANILA

3. First Aid Oil Gas Drilling Rig= Sep 1, 2006 - Sep 2, 2002 = RAMON SEGOVIA = QUEZON CITY

4. IADC Rigpass Orientation Basic Safety Awareness= Aug 21, 2006 - Aug 31, 2006 = RAMON SEGOVIA = QUEZON CITY

5. Orientation on the Prevention of Marine Pollution By Oil=Aug 21, 2006 - Aug 31, 2006 =RAMON SEGOVIA =QUEZON CITY

6. Introduction to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2s) SCDA= Aug 18, 2006 - Aug 19, 2006= RAMON SEGOVIA= QUEZON CITY

7. Basic Training Program for Drilling Person= Aug 7, 2006 - Sep 2, 2006= RAMON SEGOVIA= QUEZON CITY

8. Introduction to Basic Oil Drilling Technology= Aug 7, 2006 - Aug 17, 2006= RAMON SEGOVIA= QUEZON CITY

9. Training on Basic Application of Holmatro Rescue Equipment =Feb 24, 2004 =ERIK VAN DER ENDE =SAUDI ARABIA

10. Emergency Release of Passenger = Jan 14, 2004 - Jan 14, 2004=AMJAD ALHAJ KHALIL =SAUDI ARABIA

11. Maritime English for Ratings = #00334 Aug 9, 1999 - Aug 13, 1999=ABRAHAM ESTERLLA =CEBU CITY

12. General Tanker Familiarization= #03-01000965 Jan 13, 2003 - Jan 22, 2003= RICKY TY =SAMPALOC, MANILA

13. Shorebased Firefighting = #03-01000380 Jan 9, 2003 - Jan 10, 2003= RICKY TY = SAMPALOC, MANILA

14. Advanced Training Firefighting #2281-11-2002 Oct 29, 2002 - Nov 6, 2002 =PERCIVAL ANDRES =QUIAPO, MANILA

15. Modern Hotel and Restaurant Service= Jul 22, 2002 - Aug 2, 2002 =CARLO COMETA = MALATE, MANILA

16. Abuse in Maritime Sector Deck Watchkeeping = Aug 30, 1999 - Sep 3, 1999 =ABRAHAM ESTERLLA =CEBU CITY

17. Human Relationship= Aug 23, 1999 - Aug 26, 1999= ABRAHAM ESTERLLA =CEBU CITY

18. Maritime Pollution 73/78 Annex II= Aug 19, 1999 - Aug 20, 1999= ABRAHAM ESTERLLA =CEBU CITY

19. Maritime Pollution 73/78 Annex I = Aug 16, 1999 - Aug 18, 1999 =ABRAHAM ESTERLLA =CEBU CITY

20. Ship Board Familiarization = Apr 14, 1999 - Apr 18, 1999= ABRAHAM ESTERLLA =CEBU CITY

21. BSC with PSSR = Dec 11, 1998 - Dec 21, 1998 =RENE MAGLASANG = OZAMIZ CITY

22. Personal Survival Techniques #002689 =Dec 21,1998 =MIT= MANILA CITY

23. Medical first Aid#0912200=Dec 16,2009=Maritas= MANILA CITY

24. Automatic Radar Plotting Aid(ARPA)=#20063-10= Feb 6,2010=SMSI= MANILA CITY

25. Electronics Navigational Aids (Operational)-ENA #102124 =Feb 12,2010= Maritas= MANILA CITY

26.Shipboard/Bridge Team Management#121828-2009= Dec 4,2009= Maritech =MANILA CITY

27.Cargo Handling Certificate#0912052=Dec 11,2009= Maritech=MANILA CITY

28. GOC (FOR DECK OFFICERS)issued by NTC latest #10-51231 =Feb15,2010- June 28,2014

29.Oil Tanker Familiarization #03-01000965 =jan22,2003 =TNTI=MANILA CITY

30. Dangerous and Hazardous Cargoes #2006-1965= Dec 22,2006= PHILCANSAT =MANILA CITY

31.Deck watchkeeping Certificate #04509= Sept 3,1999= UC =CEBU CITY

32.GMDSS #1001266= JAN 29,2010= MARITAS=MANILA CITY

33. MARPOL 1 #00010= Aug 18,1999 = UC =CEBU CITY

34.MARPOL 2 #00012= Aug 20,1999= UC= CEBU CITY

35.MARPOL 6 #9001826 = JAN 23,2010 = MARITAS= MANILA CITY


I have already done a training such as Basic Training Program for Drilling Personnel, Introduction to Basic oil Drilling Technology, Introduction to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)SCBA,IADC Rigpass Orientation Basic Safety Awareness, Orientation on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Oil,First Aid Oil Gas Drilling Rig.In my all training l learn about the 5 majors component of the rig such as Hoisting system, Rotating system, Circulating system, Power system, Blowout prevention system. I have already an actual hand -on training that conducted at HDC yard. Help me a lot to experience an actual drilling, pull out of drill pipe, connect a one stand of drill pipe, knot tying, splicing,crane signaling and rigging.I learn also about H2S what ,where we find and properties.Detection against H2S hazard,rescue procedures and safety.


As and Able seaman I am much better knowledge than my work mate. Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation I graduated.I have knowledge regarding of navigation, knoting, splicing and safety.Tug master want me to know everything in the tug boat because he want me also become captain or maybe I use in any job I wanted in the future. My tug master always give me job because I never refuse to do a job if l start the job I well finish in the time given.

PAgadian city,
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