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3rd Mate


To obtain a position sailing as a deck officer.


Military Sealift Command, Norfolk, VA March 2009 - December 2009

3rd Officer (W) USNS Laramie T-AO 203

• Watch officer for 8-12 Watch underway and various inport watches.

• Helm Safety Officer for Underway Replenishment Operations.

• Completed Requirements for Tankerman PIC endorsement.

• CBR-D Officer and Assistant Damage Control Officer.

• Inspected Lifeboats and other Safety Equipment.

• Assistant Ship Security Officer, assisted 1/O in conducting security drills and procedures.

Military Sealift Command Sept, 2008 - March 2009

Able Seaman- USNS Zeus

• Completed all MSC training courses.

• Participated in cargo operations.

• Assisted in all cable operations.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA Aug, 2008

3rd Officer USTS Enterprise

• Stood navigation watches as 3rd mate for 2008 Orientation Cruise

• Supervised the mooring of the vessel.

• Lifeboat Officer

• Stood inport watches

• Conducted inspection of the vessels safety equipment

Military Sealift Command Jan, 2007 - Feb, 2007

Deck Midshipman- USNS Big Horn T-AO 198

• Assisted Deck Officers in carrying out the safe navigation of the vessel.

• Participated in all aspects of the vessels underway replenishment mission.

• Participated in Afloat Team Training which focused on shipboard firefighting, damage control, general safety, and CBD-R training.

• Took part in ship board helicopter operations.

• Corrected various nautical publications and charts.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA May, 2007 – May 2008

Cadet Third Mate Supply- USTS Enterprise Sea Term 2008

• Coordinated and trained Cadets on lifeboats, cargo, firefighting, deck maintenance, seamanship, and shipboard orientation/characteristics.

• Responsible for the inventory, storage, and distribution for supplies on board USTS Enterprise.

• Stood navigation watches and focused on celestial navigation.

• Completed Senor Cruise with a B and passed all required STCW requirements.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA June, 2006- June 2008

Assistant to the Deputy Commandant of Cadets

• Responsible for the daily operations of the Commandant's Office.

• Assists with coordination of Academy functions and events.

• Implement new system of organization of information for the department.

• Trained incoming cadet- candidates during indoctrination.


Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA

Bachelor of Science Marine Transportation

Major: MTRA

June 21, 2008- Third Mate Oceans Unlimited


United States Coast Guard License – THIRD MATE

Steam and Motor Vessels, Any Gross Tons, Upon Oceans. Radar Observer.

Serial No. 1205946, Issue No. 01, Issued June 21, 2008.

1995-STCW Endorsement

Officer-in-Charge of the Navigational Watch – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Defense Officer- Military Sealift Command

ISPS Maritime Security /CSO/VSO/ FSO – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Unlimited Radar Endorsement– Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Bridge Resource Management – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

GMDSS Radio Operator’s License– Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Marine Radio Operator’s License– Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Advanced Fire Fighting – Massachusetts Fire Academy/Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Medical Care Provider – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Hazardous Material Handling - Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Ordinance Hazard Awareness- Military Sealift Command

Explosive Cargo Handling and Stowage Course- Military Sealift Command

Expandable Baton- Military Sealift Command

Shipboard Security Tactics- Military Sealift Command

Explosive Material Handling Equipment Operator Course- Military Sealift Command

Tankship Dangerous Liquids Course – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Crude Oil Washing and Inert Gas Systems- Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Basic Safety Training/BST – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (70-hours) – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Shiphandling Course – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

MMP/MITAGS Diesel Engines– Massachusetts Maritime Academy



Regimental/Shipboard Rate

• Third Officer USTS Enterprise

• Cadet-Third Mate Supply

• Assistant-Division Leader

• Student Government Officer


• 2008 Propeller Club of the United States Port of Boston Award.

Uxbridge, MA,
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