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3rd Marine Engineer


To obtain an Marine Third Engineer (3TH/E) position with a major company in California USA, San Diego, San Francisco area.


1/2012-Present Chief Engineer of vessel M/T Ajun (Tug-Boat Ship, Main engine) Asian Shipping Lines, Philippines Performed duty Chief Marine Engineers, under general direction, supervise and direct the 0peration of the main propulsion equipment and auxiliaries of a diesel powered vessel. Chief Marine Engineers. Supervise and direct all members of the engine crew; supervise and direct the operation, maintenance and minor or emergency repair of the main propulsion equipment, auxiliaries, electrical equipment, steering engines, pumps and fuel tanks on diesel powered vessels; perform all duties of inspection officer below decks; supervise and direct the care, storage and use of fuel on board ship; observe all federal and departmental regulations pertaining to the operation of engine equipment of diesel powered vessels and keep records and make reports; and perform related work.


4-years Degree

1989-1991 College University Of Cebu, Philippines

Completion of Bachelor Degree as an Marine Engineering Graduate


1991-193 Certified Completion Marine engineering Apprentice

1999-2012 Licensed; 4th Marine Engineer

1/2012 Licensed; 3rd Marine engineer



Steam Systems Familiar and comfortable with large low pressure steam systems (i.e. 8 bar, 20 tph), extensive heat recovery / waste heat systems experience.

Water Systems extensive experience with large fresh water production equipment and handling such as Serck Como and Alfa Laval - ~ 400 t/day units, including Reverse Osmosis plants. Familiar with water testing and treatment of feed systems and fresh / potable water production and distribution and its quality management within a large system.

Waste Systems comfortable with numerous types of Oily Waste Separators and procedures, conversant in regulations and administration of records. Intimate experience with numerous Marine Sanitation Devices, large and small, and procedures.

Fuels fully conversant with MDO (diesel), 180 and 380 Heavy Fuel Oil handling machinery operation and procedures. Fluent with various Alfa Laval purifiers and some Westfalia.

Metalworking stick and gas welding, oxy acetylene cutting

Machining lathe and milling experience, fabricating and shaping

Electrical proficient in DC & AC, production and distribution, experience in large diesel electric propulsion plants

Refit experience rebuilding various valves, pumps, compressors, purifiers, piping and numerous other components along with shipyard supervisory duties

Diesel Engines complete overhaul and rebuilding of EMD, Caterpillars, Cummins, Detroit Diesels, Volvos, Ruston, etc. repair and maintenance experience on considerable amount of other brands such as Sulzer, MAN and Wartsila.

Hydraulics Framo cargo systems, troubleshooting, repairs and installations of hydraulic systems

Controls comfortable with electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic systems

Computers very comfortable with set up, use, and networking - multiple programs and OS

Administration supervising, delegating & training of subordinate officers, cadets and ratings, preventive maintenance administration


Other Skills; Bilingual: fluent in Filipino Tagalog, English

Basic Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Excel.

Cebu, Cebu,
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