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I would like to start a job onboard Yachts.


• Disney Cruise Line: Feb. 2004 – Oct. 2004

M/S Disney Magic G.R.T. 83.338 - Passenger Ship

Position: Project Team - Part of Staff Chief Engineer team for refitting the vessel.

• Carnival Cruise Line: Dec. 1999 – Oct. 2003

De/S Carnival Glory G.R.T. 110.000 - Passenger Ship;

De/S Inspiration G.R.T. 70.367 - Passenger Ship;

De/S Carnival Triumph G.R.T. 101.509 - Passenger Ship;

De/S Sensation G.R.T. 70.367 - Passenger Ship;

Deaz/S Elation G.R.T. 70.390 - Passenger Ship;

De/S Ecstasy G.R.T. 70.370 - Passenger Ship

Position: Motorman (daily service). Part of Senior 1st Daily Engineer team; maintenance, repair and overhaul work for all diesel generators & systems, life boat’s engines, emergency generator and air compressors.

• Romanian Maritime Company of Navigation “ROMLINE”: Nov. 1991 – Jan. 1998

M/N Horezu G.R.T. 8.700 - General Cargo Vessel;

M/N Best 2 G.R.T. 1.985 - General Cargo Vessel;

M/N Palas G.R.T. 1.900 - General Cargo Vessel;

F/B Mangalia G.R.T. 12.500 - Ferry Boat;

F/B Eforie G.R.T. 12.500 - Ferry Boat;

M/N Filaret G.R.T. 8.700 - General Cargo Vessel;

M/N Faget G.R.T. 8.700 - General Cargo Vessel;

M/N Fundeni G.R.T. 8.700 - General Cargo Vessel

Position: Motorman (Engineering Watch). Watch keeping; maintenance, repair and overhaul of main engine, all diesel generators & systems, AC units, emergency generator, air compressors, boiler, all types of pumps & valves, plumbing.


I graduated from the Maritime High School of Constanta (4 years), in 1991.

Main Course: Naval Electro-Mechanics.

At present I am student of the Maritime University of Constanta – Navigation Courses (1st year).


License: Certificate of Competency # 14373 issued on November 1, 1991, Motorman, STCW Regulation III/4, Rank according to STCW Regulation: Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch.

Endorsement: Marine Engineering, support level # 6324, issued on November 11, 2003. STCW equivalent capacity: Motorman, Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch.


Social skills: Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained with my work experience abroad; good communication skills gained through my experience working with 96 nationalities; team spirit, dependability, thoroughness, adapt and learn quickly.

Organizational skills: Leadership abilities (currently responsible for a team of 4-6 people), commitment to team work, attention to details.

Technical skills: Technical knowledge of job requirements, tooling, supply management, mechanical inspections tools, documentation skills, inventory control.

Computer skills: Good command of Microsoft Office tools Word, Excel and PowerPoint.



Port and Roadstead Deck Officer (training 6 months, graduated: June 1993);

STCW ‘95 Courses:

• Basic Safety Training, including: Personal survival techniques, Basic fire-fighting, Elementary first aid, Personal safety & social responsibilities on board ships

• Familiarization Safety Training for Ratings in: Prevention of marine pollution from ships, Transport and Handling of dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes

• Maritime English Language Training Phrase Vocabulary

• Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Other Than Fast Rescue Boat

• RO – RO Passenger Ships / Passenger Ships other than RO - RO Passenger Ships, including: Proficiency in crowd management; Ships familiarization training; Safety training for personnel providing direct service to passengers in passengers spaces; Proficiency in passengers safety, cargo safety, hull integrity; Proficiency in crisis management and human behavior.

Constanta, Constanta,
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