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3rd Engineer

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

Rank Applied: 2 Engineer



To work for an exploring innovative, dynamic, highly determined, motivated and challenging job             to cater for my desire to flourish within a competent environment and become a valuable asset            for the organization.


Date of Birth: 20/02/1982.

Passport no. AA9200264(Pakistan), Expiry: 15/06/2019

Seaman Book No. 4823/EO, Expiry: 07/12/2024

Yellow fever: Expiry: Feb, 2026

Medical: 14/12/2017, Exp. 13/12/2019

Availability: Yes.


  •         B.Sc (Maritime Studies/ Engineering)            (From Pakistan marine Academy Karachi.)

C.O.C Class 2 Combined > 3000 K.W-Malaysia, No. 129861, Expiry: 19/09/2022.

Dangerous Cargo Endorsement (Oil & Chemical Tanker) - Malaysia, Expiry: 19/09/2022.

IELTS AEO: PK 601, 08/10/2016, Score: 6.0


  •         Boilers:

Water tube/smoke tubes type-Up to 25 Bars, Make-Aalborg, and Hyundai etc.

               their instrumentation and control, operation, maintenance and repair.

  •         Generator Engines:

Yammer, Hyundai B & W, Man B & W etc. Up to 1200 K.W, their operational watches,   

               Troubleshooting and maintenance.

  •         Main Engines:

Wartsila RT-Flex-50 experience of 18 Months on same engine, Sulzer, B N W etc. up to 37000 K.W,

               their trouble shooting, operation and maintenance.

  •         Oil Purifiers:

Operation and troubleshooting, repair and maintenance.

  •         Hydraulics:

Hydraulic machinery maintenance, operation and repair.

  •         Pumps:

Pumps repair and maintenance.

  •         Bunker taking and its management.
  •         Electrical related experience.
  •         Routine machinery watches, their safeties.
  •         Safety equipment testing, Drills and Testing.
  •         Timely Planned maintenance schedule (P.M.S) implementation for machineries.
  •         Forging, workshop skills.
  •         Vetting inspection and ISO Standard machinery surveys.
  •         Hard working, competent and punctual.


COMPANY Reason for Sign-Off
Training Jan, 2002 Dec, 2003 Pre-Sea Pakistan Marine Academy-Karachi Tr. Completion
Assistant Engineer/Workshop
April,2004 May, 2005 Pre-Sea FC Vessel, Dredgers, Tugs Tr. Completion
Trainee Engineer/M.V Precious 15/03/2006 28/12/2006 10000 Universal Singapore Finished contract
Junior Engineer/M.T Jibal 21/04/2008 17/06/2008 1938 R.S.M.S Jeddah On Request, transfer To Big Vessel
Add. 4 Engineer/M.T
20/06/2008 18/01/2009 12850 R.S.M.S Jeddah Finished Contract
4 Engineer/M.T Taba05/04/2009 07/11/2009 11300 R.S.M.S Jeddah Finished Contract
4 Engineer and third Engineer/M T Coral 26/03/2010 26/11/2010 13000 C.S.C. Singapore Finished Contract
3 Engineer/M T Coral 21/07/2011 01/05/2012 13000 C.S.C. Singapore Finished Contract
3 Engineer(V.L.C.C)/M.T    
Merlion M
10/01/2013 01/08/2013. 36950 Transocean Singapore Finished Contract
3 Engineer/M.V Nada 24/05/2015 30/10/2015 23336 Arab Maritime. Finished Contract
3 Engineer/M.T Success Pioneer 10/02/2016 22/04/2016 14160 Soechi Tankers COC Class 2 Combined Exams-Own Request for Sign-Off.

S.T.C.W. Courses.

CoursesCertificate No. Issue Date Place
Leadership and managerial skill 2117486 07/07/2017 Marine Department Malysia.
Engine Resource Management 2117555 13/07/2017 Marine Department Malysia.
Profiency  in personal safety and social responsibility PSSR-7599/2015 21/01/2015 M. International Karachi.
Profiency in survival craft and rescue boat 011017 28/11/2016 P.M.A Karachi.
Profiency in personal survival technique PST-7820/2015 19/01/2015 M. International Karachi.
Advance training in firefighting AFF-3493/2015 30/01/2015 M. International Karachi.
Oil tanker advance courseATPOTO-1797/2015 07/02/2015 M. International Karachi.
Elemenary first aid at sea course EFA-10502 15/10/2016 Seafarers Training Centre Karachi.
Human error, S.T.C.W Convention and Internal safety management Code 409 18/04/2009 PROMETI Karachi.
Medical First Aid At Sea MFA-1204/2015 13/02/2015 M. International Karachi.
Proficiency in basic training for Oil & Chemical tanker cargo operation BOCC-416 21/10/2016 Seafarers Training Centre Karachi.
International ship and port security  Code ISPS-Fam-1-056/2009 01/04/2009 M. International Karachi.
Shipboard training and assessment STA-036/2013 20/09/2013 M. International Karachi.
Engine plant simulator course 848/s-836 27/04/2007 P.M.A Karachi.
Risk Assessment And Risk Management RARM-209/2015 20/02/2015 M. International Karachi.
Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting FPFF-10596 28/10/2016 Seafarers Training Centre Karachi.
Oil tanker familiarization course 3256 19/12/2003 P.M.A Karachi.
Certificate Of Proficiency In Security-Awareness Training For Seafarers PSA1172/2015 21/02/2015 M. International Karachi.
Certificate Of Proficiency In Security Training For Seafarers With Designated Security Duties DSD-1176/2015 24/02/2015 M. International Karachi.


Maintenance, operation and control of industrial plants/Cert. No. 10124, Dated: 24/12/2009.

(Centre of continuing Engineering Education (C.C.E.E.), N.E.D. University Karachi.)

Apprenticeship Training Mechanical and Electrical Department/Cert. No. 000110,

Dated: 14/04/2005 (Karachi Port Trust Workshop, Manora-Karachi, Pakistan.)


Computer operating, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point.


Gardening, Swimming, Aquarium keeping, Reading machineries manuals, watching T.V Programs/Shows/ Listening Songs.


 Malir  Karachi-Pakistan.

  • Maintenance,opearion and troubleshooting of Engine room M/C 5 years by 2016
  • 3/E at World Wide
    2010 September - Apr 2016
  • B.Sc(Maritime Studies)
    Maritime Engineering at Pakistan Marine Academy karachi
    2002 - 2003
  • Class 2 Combined Sep 2017
Karachi, Sindh,
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