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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew



Seasoned senior leader in vessel handling and port operations with more than 20 years of experience coordinating operation and maintenance of offshore supply vessels for some of the largest marine companies in the world. Deep knowledge of boat handling in accordance with safety principles and client expectations, ensuring achievement of key milestones while protecting the integrity of cargo and crew alike. Excellent international history, leveraged to work collaboratively with crew and clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Committed to consistently driving process improvements at all levels to improve safety and efficiency of vessel operations.



Port Operation ·  Vessel Management  ·  Crew Leadership ·  Cargo & Crew Safety ·  Regulatory Compliance

Vessel Delivery ·  Safety Management Systems (SMS) ·  Client Relationship Management ·  Dry Docking

Propulsion Systems  ·  Tow & Anchor Handling  ·  Policy & Procedure Development ·  Maintenance & Servicing

Problem Solving  ·  Staff Coaching & Development  ·  Process Optimization  ·  Cross-Cultural Leadership




TIDEWATER MARINE, Amelia, Louisiana · 2011-2016

Global leader in offshore service vessels.


Vessel Master

Coordinated safe, efficient vessel operations aboard ships in Douala, the Ivory Coast, and Saudi Arabia. Provided key leadership to protect crew and cargo, adapting to changing situations as needed to govern and mentor up to 16 crew. Aligned all vessel and crew operations with established guidelines set out by the company Safe Management System (SMS). Prepared and submitted documentation in compliance with local regulations and Flag State requirements. Partnered with vessel charterers to safely and accurately complete expectations.

Selected Achievements:

 ·  Maintained a high standard of safety to reduce injuries, incidents, and emergencies.

 ·  Oversaw successful relocation of the vessel Lester Pollack from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Douala, Cameroon.

 ·  Served as master for all movement of the vessel Tablate Tide from Tanajib, Saudi Arabia to Dubai.

 ·  Consistently completed assignments on time and in accordance with expectations.


TRICO MARINE, Houma, Louisiana & Lagos, Nigeria · 2005-2007; 2009-2011

Formerly a provider of marine support vessels for the offshore industry.


Vessel Master / Operations Manager

Managed vessel, crew, cargo, and environment safety as head of operations over vessel transport and movement in Nigeria. Managed all local and standard regulatory compliance, SMS alignment, and necessary documentation. Supported vessel charterers in completing goals. Supervised up to 16 crew members.

As Operations Manager, oversaw all fleet activity for 14 vessels total – ensuring appropriate crew staffing, documentation, and safety issues. Liaised with clients to address and resolve vessel issues. Maintained vessels within established budgets.


Selected Achievements:

 ·  Facilitated divestiture of assets after the closure of Trico by delivering the vessel Spirit River from Nigeria to Louisiana.

 ·  Swiftly and efficiently cleared any deficiencies in vessels identified by the safety department.

 ·  Frequently traveled in West Africa to provide personalized customer relationship management.  

· Took an instrumental role in the management team tasked with cutting costs through close evaluation of vessel expenditures and implementation of crew headcount reductions.

·  Partnered with Schlumberger on a special 4-month project in Angola, primarily focused on collaborating with the shipping agent and client to maintain vessel operability.

·  Supported return of 2 vessels to Nigeria by personally overseeing preparation operations in Pointe Noire, Congo.


EDISON CHOUEST OFFSHORE, Cut Off, Louisiana ·  2007-2009

Offshore vessel service company focused on rapid technology advancement.


Vessel Master

Led vessel operations and safety for craft operating out of Nigeria, managing all crew, SMS standards, regulatory compliance, documentation, and vessel charterer requirements. Provided training, support, and leadership for a crew of 16 personnel.


Selected Achievements:

·    Directed successful relocation of a crew boat from Louisiana to Nigeria.

·    Excelled in achieving and surpassing safety goals and standards.

·  Overcame local difficulties with safety in Nigeria through diligence and a strong focus on crew safety.




·  Vessel Master, Seacor Marine (2005): Served as Master on board the Seacor Power vessel, servicing the semisubmersible Pride South Pacific offshore Congo, West Africa. Coordinated towing of material barges between Pointe Noire, Congo and Lobito, Angola for Stolt Offshore. Acted as master onboard the jet crewboat Jill McCall out of Nigeria.

·  Master, Tidewater Marine Corporation (2001-2005): Provided support aboard multiple AHTS vessels in the Congo, Gabon, and Cameroon. Served as master onboard the Murrill Tide, tasked with towing material barges between Lobito, Angola and the Saibos FDS offshore northern Angola. Supervised tow of the barge Ayang 2 from Cape Town to Cabinda. Led delivery of the Murrill Tide towing the vessels Terry Tide and Gulf Fleet 70 from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Singapore.

·  Vessel Master, Tidewater Marine Corporation (1991-2001): Earlier roles involved in seismic surveys, deep water anchor moves, jack-up / semi / barge rig moves, export tanker mooring / unmooring, and master on ship preparation and vessel management for diverse operations along the African West Coast.

Earlier positions include Vessel Master for Zapata Gulf Marine Corporation in Mexico; Assistant Purchasing agent for Physicians & Surgeons Lab; Bridge Watch Officer for the Department of the Navy’s Military Sealift Command, and Shipmate / Seaman for Offshore Logistics Incorporated. Further details on request.




Bachelor of Science in Nautical Technology

California Maritime Academy – Vallejo, California




U.S. Merchant Mariner

Master of Self-Propelled Vessels

Radar Observer

Third Mate of Self-Propelled Vessels

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

Vanuatu Certificate of Competency as Master

Vessel Security Officer: VSO / SSO Security Training Certificate

ARAMCO Approved


STCW Qualified; Provisions:

II/1, II/2, II/3, II/4, II/5, IV/2, VI/1, VI/2, VI/3, VI/4, VI/5, VI/6




Henderson, NV,
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