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2nd Officer

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

v  Navigating Officer / DP Operator

  • Operate Dynamic Positioning (DP) equipment, under direction of SDPO/Master.
  • Setting up DP system operational parameters, ensure all are recorded.
  • Perform DP test on arrival to the field with the supervision and direction of SDPO/Master.
  • Navigating the vessel into a safe and best condition.
  • Prepare the vessel for the next voyage.  Prepare Voyage Plan in ECDIS and on the charts.
  • Correcting Navigational Charts and publications.
  • Perform Navigational Watch
  • Test and maintain all navigational equipment’s, ensure all navigational equipment’s are in its best performance and condition.

v  Cargo Operator

  • Perform Cargo Operation Watch (Loading / Discharging Operation and Ballasting / De Ballasting operation)
  • Assist during Crude Oil Washing of the vessel’s
  • Read and measure Cargo Oil Tanks Hydrocarbons, Oxygen contents and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).
  • Communicate with the Oil Terminal, concerning the ongoing cargo operation.
  • Calculate hourly rate during operation and maintaining ships stresses (Bending Moment and Shear Forces) to its safety limits.

v  GMDSS Officer

  • Perform Radio watch.
  • Test and maintain all GMDSS equipment’s.
  • Correcting all Radio Publications
  • Send / Acknowledge Distress messages when needed


v  Ship Security Officer

  • Maintaining the vessel and crew awareness about the Ship’s Security according to and company regulations and policy.
  • Responsible for the training of crew concerning security.
  • Coordinate and communicate with the Company Security Officer about the vessels security situation.

v  Ships Safety Officer

  • Responsible for maintaining the vessels Safety Equipment’s, specifically Life Saving and Fire Fighting Equipment’s into its best condition and state of readiness.
  • Responsible for training of all crew (Drill or Computer Base).
  • Jr DPO / Second Officer at Canship
    2013 July - Sep 2015
    Jr DPO / 2nd Officer
  • 2nd Officer at Knutsen OAS
    2011 November - Jun 2013
    2nd Officer
  • 2nd Officer at Thenamaris, Greece
    2010 January - May 2011
    2nd Officer
  • 2nd Officer at Delta Tankers
    2007 December - Dec 2009
    2nd Officer
  • 2nd Officer at AMPTC
    2007 May - Sep 2007
    2nd Officer
  • 2nd Officer at ENESEL,SA
    2006 September - Mar 2007
    2nd Officer
  • Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation
    Nautical Science at Lyceum of Batangas
    1986 - 1992
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