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2nd Mate (unlimited) / 1st Mate coastal (unlimited tonnage but <200nm offshore)


to procur position as 2nd or 3rd Mate (in order of preference) on OSV / AHT, FPSO, trainee DP operator or dry bulker.


aa/ +15 years experience as 1st, 2nd or 3rd Mate on gearless dry bulkers and self-unloading vessels (3000-4500 TPH) in DWT range 7000-37000 on voyages from Great Lakes to eastern high Arctic, US and Canada eastern seaboard, GOM, northern Europe and South America;

bb/ 5 years experience in marine shipping company offices, in positions as Ship Operator and Manager, Marine Transportation Division (the latter which entailed more marketing than an operational role)

cc/ 2 years experience in cargo surveying - both 'dry' and wet' commodities.


aa/ l'institut Maritime due Quebec - ON-2 (1995) / STCW compliant - valitidy as 2nd Mate 'unlimited' (FG) or 1st Mate 'coastal' (HT);

bb/ Concordia University - Systems Programming & Analysis (1986);

cc/ Dawson / Vanier Community Colleges - 2 years studies in Architectural Design & Drafting (1976) incomplete / no diploma).


In addition to 2nd Mate FG Certificate, hold the following:


- MED !-II & III for fire-fighting, damage control & sea-survival;

- BRM (with ECDIS) at Marine Safety, Providence, RI;

- St. Lawrence River Pilotage Simulator at Marine Safety, Kings Point, NY.


- river pilotage in all areas of the Great Lakes;

- loading large vessels with both Inland Waters, Home Trade (coastal) and Foreign-Going (sea-going) scantlings;

- speak English and French


- am diplomatic and a good listener;

- can 'think outside the box'.

Montreal, Quebec,
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