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2nd Mate Positions


I am a extremely passionate person who is never afraid of a challenge or learning something new. I respect authority, I have initiative and I work well by myself as well as in a team. I always strive to being the best you can be and to never let go of your hopes and desires cause by hard work you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

I am looking for a position as a 3rd or 2nd Navigating Officer of Watch.


My experience ranges as follow:

As a cadet i did 17 months seatime with Safmarine on Container ships were I learned alot about Ocean Liners and all aspects of Navigation as well as stability and Cargo handling.

After I qualified I sailed with Smit Amandla Marine were I was sailing as a 3rd and 2nd Officer of Watch completing contracts for offshore/environmental specialist.I was exposed to a wide range of vessels ranging from Fishery research to high speed offshore patrol vessels as well as offshore installation/ standby vessels.My experience ranging from single screw variable pitch to twin screw high revolution propulsion vessels.The job required hands on maneuvering and station keeping for extended periods.

And lastly for the last year I have been sailing as a 3rd and 2nd Officer of Watch on Anchor Handling,Towing,Supply-DP 2 Vessels.

My experience ranges from hands on maneuvering,anchor handling,towing,supply as well as working as junior DPO on Converteam ADP-21- Class 2 with a total of 201 days DP Seatime.



Postmasburg High School (1997-2001)

Matric Results:

Afrikaans 1st language HG C

English Second language HG B

Biology HG E

Mathematics SG A

Business Economics HG D

Accounting SG A


INSTITUTE: Formly known as Cape Technikon, now Cape Peninsula University of

Technology (January 2003 – July 2004)

Course: National Diploma in Maritime Studies S1

Subjects: Communication skills 1 78%

Computer Skills 1 94%

Introduction Marine Law 1 76%

Marine Mathematics 1 79%

Marine science 1 65%

Navigation Information Systems 1 73%

Principals of Navigation 1 64%

Sea Transport 1 80%

Course: National Diploma in Maritime Studies S2

Subjects: Chart Work 1 82%

Marine Environmental Studies 2 64%

Marine Law 1 81%

Naval Architecture 1 79%

Navigation Information Systems 2 84%

Principals of Navigation(Module B) 81%

Sea Transport 2 75%

Seamanship ( Module 2) 86%

Course: National Diploma in Maritime Studies S3

Subjects: Marine Environmental Studies 3

Marine Law 2

Naval Architecture2

Navigation Information Systems 3

Navigation 2

Sea Transport


Adanced Fire Fighting

Bridge Watchkeeping

Colour & Form Vision Test

Communication 1

Elevctronic Navigation Systems Cert

First Aid at Sea


Singapore GMDSS Endorsement

Medical Cert

Proficiency in Survival Craft

PSSR & Personal Survival Tec

Reefer Operations Practical Training


I have the skills of a good leader and working in a group as well as well by myself and I am always up for a challenge.


You will not regret employing me as I know with utmost certainty I am a true seafarer and I love every second of being at sea.

Cape Town, Western Cape,
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