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2nd Marine Mechanical Engineer


Looking for Marine mechanical Engineer position to work with ship's or Port equipment


Worked through 3rd, and 2nd engineering positions, doing exploitation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and overhauling of marine propulsion equipment such as main diesels (Sulzer, B&W, MAN), auxiliary diesel-generators (Wartsilya), boilers, compressors, turbines (B&B), and pumps while part of overseas crew. Managed crew of eight people.


High School: High School education, St.Petersburg, Russia

1980 Diploma

Nuclear Power Plant: Electrician Training, St.Petersburg, Russia

1981 Certificate of completion

Marine Academy, BS: Mechanical Engineering, St.Petersburg, Russia

1986 International Diploma

The Baltic Shipping Co.: Safety Training, St.Petersburg, Russia

1993 Certificate of completion

Heald College, Institute of Technology, San Jose, California

AAS: Computer Technology and Networking


• Certified as Second Class Engineer with appropriate international certificate included

• Certified for the special syllabus as follows:

- damage control in types of emergencies may occur, such as collisions,

fire-fighting and foundering;

- fire prevention and fire-fighting;

- use of breathing apparatus as fire-fighting and smoke diver;

- personal survival and life-saving at sea;

- first aid and medical care;

• Familiar with the Occupational Safety and Health and Administration (OSHA).

• Knowledge and working experience with computer technology and networking.


• Knowledge of mechanical principles of Marine and Power Plant diesels and such kind of engines, gas turbines, gas and air compressors, boilers, refrigerators, water and oil coolers, and pumps.

• Knowledge and hands-on experience in servicing and repair of fuel systems including fuel pumps, injectors, and lines.

• Knowledge and hands-on experience in hydraulic systems such as installation,

maintenance and service.

• Working experience in water, fuel, and oil treatment including chemical analysis and


• Familiar and experienced with equipment and tools and procedures for overhaul, installation of Marine Propulsion and Power Plant Machinery.

• Hands-on working experience in field and factory overhauling, repairing, and installation of diesels, dual-fuel engines, turbines, boilers, generators, compressors, refrigerators, and pumps.

• Ability to supervise team of people as well as stand alone working.


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